3 best gadgets selling in 2017

PlayStation VR  An advanced virtual reality headset, PlayStation VR was developed to function with the PlayStation 4 console system. Currently, it is the cheapest form of VR available at $549 AUD compared to its other two competitors, which are the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which both require significantly more investment. Although the VR displays a resolution of a single 1080p which is inferior compared to the 2,160 by 1,200 resolution of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vibe, it more than makes up for it in the quality.

The PlayStation VR is capable of rendering games at 120Hz unlike its competitors, creating a much more smooth and natural experience for virtual reality users. Rather than feeling displaced, the quality of the games are rendered in high detail and with vibrant colours.

Conveniently, regular PlayStation 4 games can also be played on the virtual reality headset, albeit at a stretched resolution due to the close distance. After taking a look at the PlayStation VR’s headset, it is impressive to see the amount of sleek and smooth design involved.

There is a white edging that expresses a modern sensation, black fascia and accompanying lights. The most important aspect of the headset for users is the amazing comfort and design that has been put into it.

It never feels as if the headset is too tight or uncomfortable around your head, as if it was gripping you. Rather, due to the innovative design it feels like an extension of you.

Of particular interest were the small rubber flaps that are placed onto your nose to filter out the external light for your convenience and comfort. Although the PlayStation VR requires additional accessories and is hindered by the lack of charge ports available for the controllers and VR at the same time, it is by far the most valuable and outstanding in terms of quality on the market.

DJI Mavic Pro 4K Drone The latest in drone trends, the DJI Mavic Pro is one of the most innovative and progressive drones currently available in the market. Its small size is equipped with 24 high-performance computing cores to ensure high quality and efficient operation.

A new transmission system called OcuSync has been implemented to stretch the drone distance to 7km with vision sensors. and a 4K camera are easily commanded through the use of a controller. The camera will shoot 12.7 megapixel stills, and accommodates burst shooting or exposure bracketing.

The beauty of this, is it allows users to capture stabilized footage without the previously thought to be necessary reductions in resolution. Its folding arms and props form the drone into an extremely compact package that has labelled it as one of the most portable drones ever. The new Mavic Pro offers longevity with its latest design.

On average you can expect flight times of around 24 minutes before the drone will auto-land. This coupled with a hour recharge time as well on average means that if you are intending to fly a lot, it would be wise to pick up another spare battery to accompany you on your travels.

Compared to its competitors, the Mavic does boast some of the best battery optimisations available. For $1,699 AUD, you’ll find that this drone has no other equal at the moment; however its lightweight construction can struggle in difficult weather.

For now, competitors are yet to reach the same level of innovation, so if you’d prefer another brand, the only options are either to spend for one of the higher tier drone models, or wait until competitors such as Yuneec Breeze catches up.

Amazon echo dot  In its second generation, the Amazon echo dot is a voice controlled device now attachable to home theatres to enable the same level of artificial intelligence as with the original amazon echo.

The dot is relatively small in size at 32mm as it is designed to be complimentary to whatever speakers you may own, meaning that compared to the echo, you may find yourself saving considerable space.

The biggest dilemma with the amazon echo dot was its biggest feature; the fact it requires an external speaker. The echo was designed to be permanently available and left on connected to power.

However, your external speakers were most likely not. This means you will have to decide between actively turning the speakers on and off when you need to use it, or just leave them on forever.

The dot’s AI known as Alexa on the other hand, is extremely capable in voice recognition, having been able to pick up voices even in difficult conditions.

The dot is an amazing system to perform simple commands and tasks, and serves as an outstanding method to listen to music on the go, or switch between other services.

You’ll find that the amazon echo dot will set you back around $109 AUD. It’s definitely a bargain considering the features it promises when compared to other smart technology currently available.

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