3 best family lawyers in Chatswood

When it comes to familial litigious matters, it’s always wise to go with trusted and experienced experts in the field. If you’re in the precarious position of requiring the assistance, counsel, or representation from the best family law firms in Chatswood, you’ve come to the right place. There are a number of factors to consider when delegating the ones deserving to be the best family law firms in Chatswood – from experience, communicative prowess, specialisation, overall ability, integrity, knowledgeable, and even rates and fees.

Cases that fall into this particular realm of litigation extend to most familial-related matters including marriage disillusionment and divorce proceedings, as well as the subsequent legal matters relating to settlement and property delegation. Cases are also typically related to spousal maintenance and matters relating to de facto relationships and issues. Child support and parenting related matters are also commonly argued in familial court.

These cases are typically highly emotional and quite intense in terms of stakes – it’s livelihoods and home lives that are naturally involved and/or affected which is why representation by the best family law firms in Chatswood is always recommended for maximal chance of success, and a lower probability of permanent damage.

Deciding which company to go with can be a difficult choice, especially with so many options available – the following article is a helpful summation of the previously mentioned factors that have been considered and applied in order to make a difficult decision all the easier to make.

Top rated family law firms in Chatswood:

#1 Chatswood Family LawyersTop rated Family law in Chatswood

Chatswood Family Lawyers is a prestigious operation that tops off the list of the best family law firms in Chatswood due to the overwhelming amount of experience they are able to project with over 20 years of being in the vicinity of familial matters. This measure of experience allows principal Damian Phair and his team of solicitors to have an unprecedented level of expertise and efficiency when it comes to representation.

Their field of expertise covers all the common bases of familial litigious matters including divorce, custody arrangements, parental rights, and child support. Their ties to the community cannot be overstated either, serving the North Shore area for over 2 decades with a professional zeal that is difficult to replicate.

The team also has a focus on cost containment, which is always a benefit for those who understand the deep fiscal issues that commonly sneak up through these proceedings and offer an up-front and fairness policy that is simply all too rare otherwise. In terms of having one of the best family law firms in Chatswood to represent you, you’d be hard pressed to look past them.

#2 O’Sullivan LegalBest Law firm Chatswood

O’Sullivan Legal are a well respected and diversified team of solicitors who have the expertise and knowhow to get the results that people strive for. Their impressive array of specialties has allowed them to effectively represent their clients in all realms of criminal and familial matters. They devote an incredible amount of time to ensuring they have every nook and cranny of the industry covered.

From the typical divorce proceedings and division of assets being covered, they also specialise in both sides of the marital aisle, as well as same-sex marriage disillusionment. Their open-door approach to their clients is also a big win for those who are on the fence about looking for their guidance and garnering them into your employ. They have helpful links and resources provided for free to give as much useful information as possible before proceedings occur and maintain a strong strike rate.

As we’ve mentioned previously in our determining factors for the best family law firms in Chatswood, experience and scope of focus are key ingredients for determining worthwhile. The principal and namesake solicitors of the group being Ben O’Sullivan and Tom O’Sullivan have dedicated their entire litigious career in the pursuit of bettering their ability and knowledge in the realm of familial and criminal proceedings and representation.

#3 The Norton Law GroupFamily law Chatswood firm

The Norton Law Group is rounding off the list of the best family law firms in Chatswood and is one of the longest standing institutions in the area that offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to familial litigation and legislation. The Norton Group has been a staple in the community for years and have a range of experience and excellent solicitors at their disposal.

Their diversified experience is emphasized in their delicate and understanding approach to sensitive and emotionally compromising matters. They have a fixed fee approach as well which is infinitely helpful for those who are worried about overspending or being hit with a larger fee than usual. As these cases tend to drag on for longer than other areas of litigation, The Norton Group is an overwhelmingly understanding and recommended institution.

Choosing from the best family law firms in Chatswood

Understandably, narrowing down the choices makes everything easier, deciding where to go for representation will depend entirely on you. Some will naturally and instinctively have a stronger appeal, whether it be for expertise, communicable cohesion, general location, or simply fee structures.

It’s highly recommended to have an initial meeting with the prospective representatives before signing up for services, it is through this initial meeting that you will gain a much better understanding of how you feel about being represented by them.

This is the perfect opportunity to discuss the specificities that are related to your situation and gauge their response, it is through this that you will be able to determine the optimal route forward. This initial meeting will also allow you to ask any pertinent questions surrounding your case as well as the fee structure if you decide to move forward.

The 3 best family law firms in Chatswood we have provided should be sufficient as a starting point for your search, while all have a specialisation in all facets of familial matters – each one has a degree of experience in certain aspects that may appeal more to your particular case. Whether it be more focused on divorce proceedings, property delegation, or wills and testaments.

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