5 best family lawyers in Alice Springs

Relationships between couples or family members can break down when you least expect it. This is why a special branch of the law exists to protect vulnerable members in case of these inopportune situations.

Family law has been introduced in the legal landscape to protect people in case of issues like divorce, child support, spouse support, child maintenance, child custody, annulment, separation and much more.

Family lawyers specialise in a range of issues and seek to help clients through some of the most difficult times – financially and emotionally. Family lawyers typically advocate out of court settlements more often than not. This helps clients resolve complex family matters as quickly and efficiently as possible without the burden of the courtroom.

Finding the right legal team is crucial for you when you’re dealing with the complexities of a relationship breakdown to ensure you get everything you’re entitled to, whether it is monetary or something else.

An experienced family law expert will guide you through your situation in a manner that best suits your specific needs. Let’s take a look at some of the local family lawyers in Alice Springs.

Local family lawyers in Alice Springs:

No.: Firm: Website:
    1 Collier Lawyers www.collierlawyers.com.au
    2 Povey Stirk www.poveystirk.com.au
    3 James McConvill & Associates www.alicespringsfamilylawyers.com.au
    4 Ward Keller www.wardkeller.com.au
    5 Greg Betts Legal www.gregbettslegal.com.au


Collier Lawyers

5 Best Family Lawyers in Alice Springs (NT)
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Based in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory and Cairns in Queensland, Collier Lawyers are specialists in family law, mediation and wills and estates.

Nardine Collier, the principal at Collier Lawyers, has a career spanning over 20 years. She runs two legal practices in Cairns and Alice Springs. She is an accredited family law specialist and is an independent children’s lawyer.

Nardine is a nationally accredited mediator and has obtained a Masters in Applied Law. She is also a family law arbitrator. She has used her personal experience to help clients gain optimal outcomes for their individual cases. Under the supervision of Nardine, Katherine Lam works with the firm as a para-legal and works in all aspects of the practice.

Collier Lawyers has represented clients in a multitude of settings, whether in or out of the court. While the firm always looks to settle matters out of court to avoid further complexities and expenses, Nardine is experienced with all matters related to court proceedings should the situation arise.

Nardine draws from her personal and professional experience when dealing with family law matters including separation, divorce, annulment, child support, spouse support, spouse maintenance, child custody, child arrangements, financial agreements, property disputes and much more.

Nardine and Katherine personally collaborate with clients to fully understand their requirements and apprehensions before considering appropriate solutions in their individual cases. With close interaction and familiarity with all kinds of family law issues, the team work hard to achieve the best possible results for clients, while offering practical advice at every step of the way.

Collier Lawyers focuses on resolving family law matters quickly and cordially to allow all parties to reach a solution and move on with their lives without any delays. This is important especially when innocent kids are involved.

Understanding that every client’s issues and needs are different, Nardine seeks to tailor her advice based on the situation. She offers a sympathetic and understanding ear and can even direct clients to other allied professionals if necessary.

With the aim of treating every client with kindness, honesty and respect, Nardine has sought to deliver affordable solutions to clients going through these difficult times as efficiently as possible.

Collier Lawyers offers a DIY service where clients are encouraged to undertake a greater degree of preparation to bring down fees. The firm also has flexible payment options based on the services provided. The team can even work with clients who choose to be self-represented by assisting them with court documents, procedures and etiquette.

Povey Stirk

5 Best Family Lawyers in Alice Springs (NT)
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Located in Alice Springs, Povey Stirk is a full-service law firm offering services in commercial and corporate law, employment law, commercial conveyancing, personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, worker’s compensation, public and occupiers liability, debt recovery, medical negligence, civil litigation, child protection wills and estates planning, and family law.

Povey Stirk began its operations in April 1999. It began as a merger between two established legal practices in Alice Springs – Poveys and McBride & Stirk. The roots of the firm can be traced back to the 1960s in the region.

With an extensive list of clients in central Australia, the firm has represented a range of clients, including those in mining, land development, construction, tourism, pastoral and indigenous enterprises.

Povey Stirk has also consulted with government agencies, institutions and statutory boards in diverse areas related to health, child protection and policing. The firm has also assisted clients with medical negligence, worker’s compensation and personal injury claims.

Povey Stirk has a large client base for family law matters such as child custody, divorce, wills and estates, property settlements and more. The firm always looks to deliver holistic solutions and draws from its wealth of local knowledge to work in the best interests of every client.

With a highly experienced team consisting of lawyers John Stirk, Peer Schroter, Alison Phillis and Nicholas Simmons, Povey Stirk enjoys a strong reputation in different areas of the law. This includes family-related matters. John and Peer have been practicing law since the 1980’s. Alison began as a legal practitioner in 2001 and Nicholas started his career in 2007.

The lawyers at Povey Stirk always seek to provide practical advice to clients and give them a realistic picture of their situation. Where possible, the team attempts to mediate and settle matters out of court. They can also represent clients in court-related matters if the situation arises.

Using their hands-on local experience, the team at Povey Stirk looks to assist clients through emotionally draining and complex legal processes by offering sensible solutions. Every client is treated with personal interaction, so there is no one size fits all solution.

Povey Stirk seeks to be as cost effective as possible to help clients avoid expensive legal proceedings. This is vital when clients deal with tough and emotional relationship breakdowns. The focus is to offer affordable, confidential and customised solutions with as much transparency as possible.

The lawyers are flexible when working with clients and can offer meeting times to suit their needs. John Stirk, one of the directors of the firm, has also served as the Law Society Northern Territory President, and was the Law Council of Australia’s Northern Territory representative.

James McConvill & Associates

5 Best Family Lawyers in Alice Springs (NT)
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James McConvill & Associates is a law firm based in Alice Springs with expertise in a broad range of matters related to family law, including parenting plans and arrangements, property settlements, same sex relationships, binding financial agreements, violence orders, international family law issues, divorce and child protection to name a few.

The lawyers at James McConvill & Associates are experienced in handling several family law issues. This includes preparing parenting plans, finalising content orders, developing divorce applications, managing child passport issues, roundtable mediation and responding to family violence intervention orders.

James McConvill & Associates seeks to offer tailored solutions for all requirements. This includes offering flexible and practical legal advice to clients throughout Alice Springs and surrounding Northern Territory regions (including Ballan and Daylesford).

With an approach to personalised service, the lawyer team focuses on communication by listening to the needs and concerns of clients before offering any insights and advice.

James McConvill & Associates has lawyers who have expertise in property dispute resolution and family law with a passion for the legal profession. The lawyers are experienced in court proceedings and out of court dispute resolutions. They remain dedicated to helping clients achieve the best possible outcome for their situation.

The lawyers focus on transparent communication and customised advice. They also regularly review the complexities of local laws governing families to ensure they remain up to date. They also introduce different options for settlement to help clients resolve matters as quickly and painlessly as possible.

The lawyers at James McConvill & Associates are experienced at dealing with complex family law matters and have a firm understanding of local laws, allowing them to provide sound legal advice to clients based on their individual situations.

James McConvill & Associates is a Family Law member of the Law Council of Australia. The lawyers regularly appear in local courts, the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

Clients can get in touch with the lawyers at James McConvill & Associates via in-person meetings, phone or email. The firm offers a free initial consultation and fixed fee options, so clients know exactly what they are paying without any unexpected expenses arising.

The lawyers can visit clients at their businesses or homes, or can even organise meetings in private rooms or in specific locations at the convenience of their clients. This allows clients to avoid travelling long distances for meetings. The lawyers can also arrange for weekend meetings if clients are unable to meet in the week.

The firm offers a same day enquiry option where one of the lawyers will respond within an hour of the request. Clients will also speak directly to a lawyer during the initial consultation.

Ward Keller

5 Best Family Lawyers in Alice Springs (NT)
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While Ward Keller is based in Darwin, the firm provides legal advice to clients throughout the Northern Territory region, including Alice Springs. With offices in Alice Springs, Darwin, Casuarina and Palmerston and services for clients in Katherine, Tennant Creek and Nhulunbuy, the firm is one of the leading legal practices in the region.

Ward Keller provides legal services to businesses, government agencies and individuals, and specialises in different law practice areas.

Businesses can avail of services related to share transfers, franchising, commercial law, employment law and much more. For individuals, the firm offers services related to family law, conveyancing, worker’s compensation, employment and personal injury.

Considered to be one of the oldest legal practices in the Northern Territory region, Ward Keller was started in 1963. But its origins can be tracked back to 1910. Six partners, conveyancers and lawyers make up the law team operating from different offices of Ward Keller.

Ward Keller’s partners are well respected and have nearly 50 years of service with the firm. It is also a member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide, which is an international organisation of 3700 lawyers and 100 law firms drawn from 60 countries across the world. It is one of six law firms in Australia to be a member of the organisation.

Led by two experienced solictors, Elizabeth Thomson and Tessa Czislowski, the family law practice of Ward Keller enjoys a strong reputation.

Tessa has been registered as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. She provides mediation services, wills and estate planning and much more without having to deal with court proceedings.

Elizabeth is experienced in matters related to domestic violence and child protection and can assist clients on a range of family law matters.

The lawyers seek to provide realistic and sensible advice to clients. They draw from their practical experience to help families deal with complex relationship breakdowns in the best possible manner.

The lawyers at Ward Keller attempt to help clients’ deal with their issues quickly and seamlessly. They focus on settling out of court through mediation and transparent communication. In situations where court is necessary, the lawyers draw from their vast experience to achieve optimal outcomes for clients.

Tailored advice and quick resolutions are key focus areas to avoid dragging financially and emotionally draining family issues. This is especially important when innocent children are part of the battle.

The legal team at Ward Keller are experienced in a range of family law matters. This includes property settlements, divorce, separation, financial agreements, child custody, consent orders, child support and much more.

The initial consultation costs $110. This is inclusive of GST. After the consultation, any further cost is determined based on the situation of the client.

Greg Betts Legal

5 Best Family Lawyers in Alice Springs (NT)
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Operating and living in Alice Springs for the last nine years, Greg Betts is an experienced lawyer dealing with different law areas. This includes domestic violence, criminal law, drink driving, anti-discrimination, wills and probate, mental health, appellate work and family law.

Greg has a law degree from Charles Darwin University and graduated in 2006. He was admitted as a Solicitor and Barrister in 2007. He has worked in the Northern Territory Supreme Court in Darwin as a judge’s associate before heading in 2008 to Alice Springs where he began working as a lawyer with Aboriginal Legal Aid.

During his criminal law career in the Northern Territory region, Greg has been part of numerous pleas, jury trials, special hearings and appeals in the Supreme Court. He has also contested committal proceedings, pleas and hearings in the local court.

Focussed on providing cost-effective solutions for his clients in Alice Springs, Greg is committed to tailoring his services to suit the specific needs of each client. His experience spans a range of issues related to family law. This includes divorce, spouse support, property settlements, child custody, separation, annulments and much more.

Greg is experienced with local laws and uses this to provide sound legal counsel to his clients. While out of court settlements are preferred, he also has experience in representing clients inside the courtroom. His aim is to provide quick solutions to clients to help them move on from their emotional and financial turmoil when dealing with a relationship breakdown.

Greg attempts to be as flexible with his clients as possible and does not follow a fixed policy since every client’s need is different. Over the years, his services have become more popular with Alice Springs residents with several of his clients coming through referrals.

Greg seeks to provide a realistic picture of the situation. This allows them to better prepare for the outcome based on local and national laws. He also assists clients know exactly what they are entitled to, and assists them with these claims.

All meetings with clients are completely confidential and can be taken either in person or via phone depending on the convenience of the client. Greg is committed to helping his clients through openness and transparency to ensure they are aware of their circumstances.

Greg is experienced at a range of matters related to family law, along with other areas as well. This can help clients who require legal expertise for a range of issues beyond just family difficulties.

Greg is a member of the Criminal Lawyers Association of Northern Territory. He is also a Northern Territory Law Society member. Greg can also recommend additional support for clients who need it.

Which Alice Springs family law firm works for you?

5 Best Family Lawyers in Alice Springs (NT)
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If you’re looking for a family lawyer in Alice Springs, you’ll want someone who can offer you practical and realistic advice. Relationship breakdowns can make your life difficult, so you’ll want to know exactly what you are entitled to under the law.

Professional family lawyers in Alice Springs will review your case and will offer advice to help achieve the best result for you. Contact an Alice Springs lawyer if you are dealing with a family law dispute today!

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