Be interactive with your customers using these important web design elements

Building a high quality website is not that easy sometimes, but when it comes to having a business, having a website is a must nowadays; therefore, willingly or not, if you have a business and a website, you have to keep on going.

The use of a website for business is undoubtedly important not only in terms of the provision of information about a company, but also in terms of communication with visitors in hope to increase brand awareness and visibility.

One of the important components of building a website is web design. When you design, you speak your message to your audience, so that they can understand your design and take action upon it.

Therefore, building customer relationship, whether they are your recurring customers or potential customers, is important. So, how to build customer relationship? These web design elements may help you find the answer. Keep reading to find out!

Shape your brand

If you are a business owner, you should know that your website can say everything about your company even without having too much written content on your website – that is called branding.

Shape your brand into a solid but unique brand through uniform logo usage, typefaces that are consistent, clean design that are unique and really representing you so that you can make people understand more about your company.

Make easy navigation

If your website provides easy navigation, it is safe to say that you can assist your website’s visitors without having to go to them in person – that’s the basic idea of a website.

If you want a unique website, you still have to make it easy for your visitors to access your website without leaving out the important content.

Provide easy-to-find contact information

Most people would come to a website simply to find the contact information provided in there. You have to place contact information in places that are easy for visitors to find it. Whether you place it in the footer, at the top, or even on a “contact us” page, you have to make sure your visitors will not have difficulties in finding that.

Also, the information included should be completely clear. You can include your office’s address, phone number, email address, hours of operation, as well as a map.

Create mobile-friendly design

With the use of continuously improved technology, it is no longer uncommon for people to use mobile phone for almost everything they do. Browsing the internet is no longer PC-only, but it is now more about “more mobile use” and “on the go.” Yes, many people nowadays prefer to use mobile phone to browse the internet on the go.

For that reason, many web design developers keep improving website design to adjust it to any device and make it more responsive so that people can access it easily.

Keep your visitors entertained and educated

One of the good ways to build a strong customer relationship is to give them reasons to stay on your page. The only way to do that is through providing entertainment and knowledge in a better way. It does not necessarily have to be video games or movies. Simply give them your content. It can be in a form of articulates, videos, or images that are not excessively written (if it is a text or a presentation in articulate) and not too much (if it is an image or a video).

Your content should include something that represents your company so that your visitors can know more about you, but give them something that can entertain them too. For example, you can use a character that can be a representative of your company. It can be in a form of a human cartoon or animal.

This character can be animated to explain about your company or your exciting journeys in serving your customers. This way, your visitors will be more educated about your company while being entertained at the same time. However, keep it simple and clean. You don’t want this to slow down your page loading time.

That’s how you build a strong customer relationship using these important website design elements. In order to run a successful business, your ideas should involve your customers as well, so that you can get some insights using their perspective.

Remember to always make your website more “alive” by engaging and connecting well with the visitors. That way, your website can build more credibility and reliability that will also increase your brand awareness.

George Papdan
George Papdan
CEO of, a creative agency providing a suite of web development, design, E-Learning, application and mobile solutions, as well as SEO services.
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