Deloitte’s new partnership is set to expand digital reality capabilities

Deloitte has announced a new partnership with Australian software development company, Well Placed Cactus (WPC), in the hope of expanding digital reality experiences as we know them today.

WPC is an innovative company sitting at the forefront of emerging technologies. They offer a range of services in games for purpose, experiential software, digital reality, natural user interfaces and creative solutions.

Having spent the last 5 years building interactive opportunities for businesses and individuals, WPC has grown its market presence and attracted attention from business giants.

The two companies are mutually eager to delve into the future of digital reality and realise the possibilities it can offer. WPC now forms Deloitte Digital’s creative team, bringing with them a new level of technical and engineering capabilities.

The new Digital Emerging Technology team will be headed by Deloitte Digital lead partner, Steve Hallam. WPC’s CEO, Jack Gillespie will combine to act as the director of Deloitte Digital’s creative team, while WPC’s COO, co-founder and technical director will become managers.

The partners aim to deliver new possibilities and solutions to their clients, to help solve the most complex of problems. Additionally, the partnership has allowed Deloitte to shift its focus from a reactive player in the technological industry, to a pioneer in development.

Given Deloitte’s scale as a business, it is a particularly progressive move to bring WPC’s established team in-house. Together, the front-running group will combine Deloitte’s ambitious creativity, with WPC’s impressive expertise to transform conceptual ideas into a virtual reality.


The companies have already worked together on several projects in recent years, delivering impressive innovative results. iCare was the subject to Deloitte’s work, in which they were challenged to change a passive learning experience into one of interaction and originality.

Deloitte and WPC built a cutting-edge installation with iCare, which allowed users to listen, contribute and influence the space. As a result, the creation allowed for the input of many perspectives and ideas, whilst simultaneously immersing users in the experience.

iLab is an excellent indicator of the future of this partnership, with the team’s imagination and technical precision holding the potential to revolutionise digital reality capabilities.

The combination of Deloitte and WPC’s incredible teams introduces exciting possibilities for the future of digital reality. With their sights set to change the digital landscape, there is potential for new, engaging and even more realistic inventions to come.

Katherine Mouradian
Katherine Mouradian
Katherine has a true passion for the digital world. She has help many businesses make the transition to digital and she hopes her articles on Best in AU will hope many more now and in the future. Contact: [email protected]
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