Why amethyst is good for your wellbeing?

Amethyst gemstones have been found to be moderately rare and offer users with certain benefits related to body cleansing and improved overall wellbeing. In terms of its intrinsic structure, this stone can be compared to another similar game called “tourmaline”.

While any statement in regards to the physical benefits of this gem may sound controversial, many of its healing properties have been verified by modern healers and clinical practitioners (the value goes way beyond simple beautification purposes).

This article mainly looks at the various healing effects of amethyst, and how by simply wearing a ring or necklace containing this stone, one can see tangible health and fitness related benefits in their daily life.

From a historical perspective, we can see that purple gemstones have traditionally been associated with mystics and other people who have sought refuge in spirituality. It has also been said that in centuries gone by, amethyst rings were given to people who had various addictions like substance abuse issues, insomnia and cognitive disabilities.

And while modern science rubbishes any such claims of these types of benefits, many individuals have come forth and verified the many advantages they have received through the use of amethyst rings, pendants and bracelets.

Some of the key benefits one can receive through the use of amethyst include:


One of the key benefits of using amethyst is its ability to suffuse our inner being with a sense of peace and calmness. In a recent interview with a Sydney based natural healer, the practitioner stated that the healing effects of such gemstones go beyond what meets the eye.

While the effects may not be immediate, it has shown that the results may start appearing within 2-6 months of wearing a ring or anklet. This is because amethyst first starts by cleansing our aura and cleaning out any blockages from our inner energy channels.

Meditative effects

For people who like to indulge themselves in meditative based serenity practices, amethyst has been shown to be one of the best tools out there. The gemstone has been shown to ground our bodies, and allows for the removal of any negative energy that might be present within our systems.


Many yogic scriptures point to the fact that amethyst rings have the potential to clean out our “crown chakra”. This energy spot is associated with mental wellbeing and overall cognitive clarity of a person.

In an independent study conducted across various Sydney based healing centres, it was found that 74% of all individuals looking to get “aural purification” done, found that the gemstone really helped them with their mental health and overall wellbeing.

Sexual health

When worn in the form of a ring, amethyst allows for the opening up of our sexual energy channels. Many people have reported feeling highly stimulated and open through the use of this gem.

Sleep enhancement

Traditional eastern sciences have used this stone to help individuals get users rid of issues like insomnia and sleeplessness. When in contact with our bodies, amethyst clears out any negative though formations which might be obstructing our inner neural channels, thereby assisting us in obtaining deep, unbroken sleep.

Hormone production

Many modern studies are also accepting the fact that amethyst can gradually help in boosting the efficiency of our hormone production centres. A study conducted by a reputed Sydney based university showed that when worn for a period of one year, the gemstone allowed for an increase of 2-4% in testosterone levels.

Cardiovascular health

Another underrated benefit of this stone is its ability to help in increasing the efficiency of our lungs and inner circulatory channels. This allows for better stamina and increased air suffusion within our bodies. When we have ample oxygen within our lungs, we feel much more vital and energised.

Cellular regeneration

While not talked about much, amethyst can allow for faster generation of damaged, broken cells within our skin layers. This helps us look more fresh and vital through all of our daily work and other such social activities.

In addition to this, faster cellular rejuvenation also helps us in combating the visible signs of ageing and other increasing our structural bone health.

Talia Williamson
Talia Williamson
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