6-Step DIY balloon arrangements project

Ever dreamed of making your own gorgeous balloon arrangements? They’re ideal for birthday parties, bridal showers and even corporate events! They’re also quite affordable and easy to make.

While it might look a bit daunting, it’s really simpler than it looks. This article shows you how to make your own stunning décor in 6 easy steps and includes everything you need to make it happen.

Time it will take: 1-2 hours depending on the number of orbs you are using.

Materials you will need

  • Inflatables (colour and design your choice)
  • Pump (not necessary but will speed up the process)
  • Roll of clear fishing line
  • Glue gun (low temperature)
  • Hooks
  • Blunt needle
  • Scissors
  • Flowers & foliage (can be fake or fresh)
  • Clear shipping tape.

Ideas for where to showcase it

  • Above the dessert or dining table
  • By the gift table
  • As a photo booth backdrop
  • Near a fireplace
  • Near your gift table
  • Above your entryway.

How to make an arch

1.      Do the prep work

Start by sketching out your desired balloon arrangements design. It doesn’t have to be a work of art; it’s simply there to give you a guide to the overall shape and will help you when constructing it. It doesn’t have to be a traditional formation – you might want to try a half arch or garland. You’ll want to collect all your materials, too.

2.      Inflate your orbs

To make your balloon arrangements stand out, try blowing each orb up to different sizes (keeping in mind your colour scheme). Be sure to save a few smaller sized ones to patch up any gaps in your finished design. Use a pump to make this work go a lot faster (your lungs will thank you!).

3.      Do some needle work

You will then need to tie the fishing line to your needle. A traditional knot is advised; the length of your line will determine how many times you need to knot it to make it secure. Next, thread the needle through one of the inflated orb’s knots. Do this by keeping your fingers on one side, careful not to prick your finger. A thimble may be helpful when making your balloon arrangements.

DIY Balloon Arrangements Project women holding red balloons
Photo: Naveen Sita, Pexels.

4.      Slide the orbs

After you have threaded the line, begin to slide each orb down the line one by one. Repeat until it is as long as desired. You might choose to add them in varying colours and sizes to add a nice effect. Once you’re done, cut the line and tie a good knot at the end to prevent the orbs from falling off.

5.      Assemble the arch

To put the arch up, start by laying out its frame (in your desired shape) by placing nails or hooks on the area where you will be hanging it. Then, section by section, hang up your balloon arrangements.

6.      Finishing touches

Finally, to add fullness to your arch, use your glue gun to add some of the smaller orbs to your design. You will want to make sure it is at a low temperature to prevent them from popping. Do not touch the gun tip directly onto the orb as it may pop – simply hover it above instead. You can then top it off with some flowers and/or foliage to add a natural look to your balloon arrangements.


And you’re done! Be sure to celebrate the completion of your gorgeous creation with your loved ones. Your balloon arrangements should last for up to 7 days if taken care of (keep any little ones away from them so they don’t accidentally pop!).

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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