5 ways an advanced Excel course can boost your career

In today’s digital age, being computer-literate and fluent in technology can increase your employability tenfold. Many businesses operate entirely online, and so employers will likely look to hire people who can operate computer software and programs with ease.

One program that will look especially good on your resume is Microsoft Excel. This may be surprising but being proficient Excel will boost your career immensely and make you valuable to any employer.

Need convincing? Here are 5 ways completing an advanced Excel course can seriously boost your career prospects.

1. You’ll be more employable

It has been estimated that over 80% of businesses use basic digital programs like Word processing and Microsoft Excel. What’s more, over 50% of middle-skilled jobs require candidates to possess basic fluency these. Therefore, the more knowledgeable you are about the most fundamental building blocks of a business, the more likely you secure a job.

Employers and recruiters see a great number of resumes each day, and so will scan them for relevant keywords. Phrases like “knowledgeable in Microsoft Excel” will ensure your resume gets a closer look, however, with so many prospects likely to have some experience and understanding of Excel, a quick way to stand out is to be able to say you’ve had “advanced Microsoft Excel training”.

It doesn’t take long to reach advanced level in Excel – all you need to do is enrol in a short training course (most courses last just one or two days)! Taking a short course is so worth it in the long run; spending just a few hundred dollars upfront is a fantastic investment when it means you can beat out the competition and win that well-paid job.

2. You gain other career skills

To most, Excel will look like a large grid with rows and columns that go on forever, but to trained eye, it is much more than that. Excel is a tool with a number of functions and benefits; you can track information and data, filter tasks, sort lists, create graphs and charts and perform calculations.

Knowing how to create and navigate a complex Excel spreadsheet where you can perform a number of intricate and advanced tasks will improve your data tracking and analysis skills, as well as fine-tune your organisational and mathematical skills.

Learning advanced Excel is also a stepping stone towards learning how to code, which is a very lucrative and valued skill in the job market.

3. It enhances your digital know-how

Today, the world is digital, and to keep up in the job market you need to get ahead with your digital know-how. Knowing Excel at an advanced level is no easy feat, but once you have it under your belt you’ll know your way around other programs and software without effort. This will make you highly desirable in the job market.

4. It will improve your lifestyle

Fine-tuning your Excel skills will make you more employable, but it will also improve your day-to-day life. Regular use of Excel will make you a more organised person, which will lend itself to being more productive and making smarter choices.

Once you know how to create complex spreadsheets and lists, you will be able to create them for anything and everything. For example, you can create shopping lists and inventories of household items to ensure you never run out of anything. You can also track weekly, monthly and annual budgets to help be smarter at spending and saving. Other things you can track include your fitness, health and other timelines and goals; the possibilities are endless. You can even download Excel onto your smartphone so you can track on the go.

Getting into the habit of tracking your lifestyle can also help to boost your career. By logging things such as your work achievements, goals, promotions, skills and more, you will perform better and live smarter.

5. It could open the door to new careers

You may be wanting to improve your Excel skills to get ahead of the competition in one career path, but along the way you may unveil a real liking and passion for another career path.

Individuals who have mastered their Excel skills are in top positions as financial analysts, finance managers, cost estimators, business analysts, data journalists, researchers, accountants, project managers, store managers and administrators. What can the future hold for you?


Being at an advanced level in a basic tool will get you on the career ladder, but why stop at basic level when you can stand out from the crowd? It only takes one or two days to learn the skills you need to become an Excel master, and this will set you in good stead when looking to boost your career.

With advanced Excel ability, you can increase your employability in the technological and digital world, improve your organisational and analytical skills, open the door to other career paths and improve your quality of life. It is such a small step with so many benefits, so what are you waiting for? Get ahead today.

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