5 best tips for a perfect wedding

Guarantee your wedding day is perfect by ensuring you have considered and ticked off the following 5 tips and tricks we have put together to help you make your dreams of your big day come true. These are the 5 best wedding day tips we could find that will help you have the best day of your life.

  1. Planning

The number one thing that will help you create a wedding that you and your guests cherish for their lifetime does not actually happen on the big day. The very best way to guarantee you will have a beautiful wedding that you will enjoy is actually the organisation and planning of your big day.

Now this sounds like a huge topic (which it most certainly is) that is fairly straight-forward, you already know you need to plan the date of your wedding, your guest list, the location for the ceremony and reception, the dress and suits, the hair and makeup, your photographer, the invites and the catering along with the celebrant and your vows. This advice however is first on the list of our best tips for a perfect wedding as there are a few aspects that you may overlook that can really help you in creating your dream wedding.


Choosing a theme for your wedding can save you both time and money in the long run, while also aiding you in creating a seamless wedding where every detail is coordinated with the other. It is this part of your planning that will help you visually bring to life your dream wedding. Your theme may be a colour (or several), a flower, your favourite movie, a favourite song, an icon, a location, or even a word.

Once you have chosen a theme, write it down and create a style guide or inspiration board so that you can easily show other people exactly what you are thinking in terms of the aesthetics of your wedding. Getting this step out of the road early in your planning process will mean that on your wedding day every detail will complement the other perfectly.


Possibly the best tip to help you create your perfect wedding is to generate a timeline that allows plenty of extra time for each section of your day. Nearly every wedding runs late at one point or another which in turn will start to stress you out.

This is exactly the opposite of what you want to be feeling on your wedding day, so counter-act this before it even happens by adding in some extra time. It may only be 15 minutes or so but you will be so thankful for this by the end of your day.

The most important segment of your day to add in the extra time allowance is before your ceremony when you are ‘getting ready’. You will find it is during this time when everyone wants to ask last minute questions or your hair and makeup will take more time that you allocated.

Once you have created this timeline send it to everyone involved in your wedding whether that be in the party or a vendor who is there to provide their services at your wedding. This ensures everyone is on the same page and should cut down on questions asking you where and when things are happening.

Discuss your plans with your groom

Couple decision for wedding planner
It’s important to discuss wedding plans with your partner. Photo: Rawpixel.com, Bigstock.

The last organisational and planning tip to help ensure you have a wonderful wedding is to take the time to discuss your plans with your fiancée! Sometimes we get so caught up with planning that our partner may not get to have much of an input into those arrangements.

This is not always a problem, some people are not interested in planning events however, this can become an issue on the day if your partner hasn’t been explained the role you envisioned them playing.

You don’t want to run the risk of assuming your groom is picking up the suits or organising transport when you actually haven’t let them know their doing it! Make sure everyone is on the same page by having plenty of conversations that share your plans with your fiancée!

  1. Support

Support is a great way to ensure you have the perfect day at your wedding. Make sure you surround yourself with plenty of support, and by support we mean close friends or relatives that are happy to assist you in any extra things you might need.

Their duties might include helping you into your dress (and knowing how to do it up!), ensuring that the ceremony is good to go for the arrival of the guests and the wedding party, adding any finishing touches to the reception or simply providing the wedding party with drinks. Enlisting a few special, and more importantly, reliable friends to help you out during your wedding day will make everything so much easier and take the pressure off you.

  1. Comfort

Ensuring that you and your guests are super comfortable is often an overlooked tip that will help create your perfect wedding and make you wish the night didn’t have to end. Temperature, clothing and catering are the main components of keeping everyone content and happy throughout your big day.

Although you can’t control the weather, you can plan ahead and add things to your ceremony or reception to help keep yourself and your guests comfortable. If it is likely to be cold think about offering a rug basket where people can grab a blanket if they need to warm up or alternatively when it is hot, make sure you have water and shade, if possible, on offer.

By wearing comfortable clothing you will have a much better day and your wedding will be memorable for the right reasons! There is nothing worse than wanting to take your shoes off mid-way through the ceremony because your feet are killing you or ending up with a headache because your veil is too heavy. Avoid this by wearing your intended wedding attire for a little while before your wedding (particularly your shoes if they’re new!).

Lastly providing adequate food and drink will help maintain happy guests and a good atmosphere. Water is crucial, especially if guests are likely to be drinking, to avoid people going home with headaches (or leaving early), and extra nibbles are always appreciated after a night of dancing.

  1. Atmosphere

The ambiance of your wedding is an overall factor that is going to impact your enjoyment on the day but also the memories you have of your wedding. When you imagine your wedding, what kind of environment do you want to be in? It is likely that you hope you are in a happy atmosphere that you are enjoying along with the rest of your guests. You may also want to feel relaxed, tranquil or peaceful depending on the person you are.

You will create your atmosphere through planning, your theme and the details of your wedding. Making sure that you have music you like, plenty of food you love and a beautiful setting will help set the feel for your wedding day. If the bride and groom are enjoying their wedding day this will set the mood for everyone else.

  1. Have Fun!

The last of our list of best tips for a perfect wedding is super easy – make sure you enjoy all your hard work and planning by having fun. Try your best not to sweat the small stuff; you are surrounded by family and friends so make the most of their company. Take a moment to appreciate how your wedding has come together and why you are really there – to commit to a lifetime with the person you love the most!

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Weddings are a day full of celebration. Photo: Strelok, Bigstock.
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