5 best mineracft gaming tips that every absolute beginner must know

Minecraft enjoys very high popularity in the global gaming world due to its revolutionary model and extended controls to the players. However, the absolute beginners may find it very difficult to play their first game.

When you start playing the game you need to be aware of some of the major things.

So we have compiled some of the best minecraft tips for beginners. It will help you to find the right version and learn about some handy tips for your first game:

Minecraft version meeting your expectations

Minecraft Tip#1: Pick the right Minecraft version meeting your expectations

Minecraft comes in two different versions- Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock. There are some obvious differences in each version like game options and compatibility requirements. Before installing any version you need to understand the exact gaming options you would enjoy and if that version is compatible with your operating system.

Minecraft Bedrock edition vs Minecraft Java Edition

Bedrock edition is packed with many add-ons that allow you to scale up the experience and enjoy the game to the fullest. The downside is that there is more paid content and you can end up spending a significant amount on gaming sessions.

Java edition is more suitable for gamers whose primary objective is to experience the basic challenges of the game without too many frills or fancy. That said, it allows you to install free Minecraft mods to make the game more entertaining. It is an excellent option for budget-conscious people. The downside is that you have a limited menu of only Microsoft-approved mods to choose from.

Note: To get a wider control over mods you need to buy you own minecraft server from ideal hosting providers who can offer you best hosting plans that meets denanding needs of minecraft

Multiplayer gaming becomes easier with Bedrock Edition as it offers seamless cross-platform compatibility for mobile devices, consoles, and Windows 10. It means that different people on different devices can easily participate in the same game session.

Java Edition, on the other hand, works only with PC and you can play only with the players on the Java version. It congests your choice criteria and may hamper the multi-gaming experience.

Note: You need to rebuy the Bedrock Edition on each console if you need it on different platforms. So be ready to shell out the extra amount to enjoy this feature. All your purchased add-ons would be transferred to your new console.

Java edition has its pros too like a Hardcore mode that prevents respawning and an ability to fly over to view the world (called Spectator mode) are available in Java edition only and not in the Bedrock Edition.

Bedrock edition is best for general players who need an easy and stable edition to quickly start the game. The major plus point of bedrock edition is that it offers cross-platform compatibility which makes multiplying sessions all the more enjoyable.

Java version is best for the serious minecarft players who love tackling the challenges the hard way and wish to get the latest features before other players.

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Minecraft Tip#2: Survival Mode is best for the beginners

 While the other four modes are more challenging the beginners find them too difficult and confusing to learn in the beginning. So, it is best to learn step by step. Survival mode is comparatively easier, fairly enjoyable and more importantly, it allows you to learn some valuable lessons that will help you to play the advanced modes without much struggle.

Minecraft isn’t an easy game to master (and that makes it all the more challenging). So, go easy. Start with the simple mode:

  • Select Single Player
  • Click “Create New World”  Game Mode
  • It will display a list of different options. Select Survival mode

In this mode, you will be on a survival adventure and have to face the challenges related to survival.

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Minecraft Tip#3: Wisely decide the priorities

In the survival mode you begin from scratch. Start by collecting essential tools and materials needed to construct your house, make your bed, and get the food. It includes a shovel, wood, wool, etc.

Once you have constructed the shelter and made your bed you can survive the night. The primary focus therefore should be on collecting as many relevant materials and tools as you can.

Pro Tip: Also, don’t hesitate to try your tools on different objects in your surrounding environment as they can provide essentials like wool and wood when you break them.

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Minecraft Tip#4: Keep a good inventory, Always

 Once you secure the basic survival essentials the next thing is to get armor, weapons, and gear for defending yourself and fighting with the unfriendly creatures.  You need to build your weapons, gears, etc. from scratch with materials like diamond, iron, and other valuable resources. So keep a keen eye for such materials around you and collect as much as you can.

Don’t forget to keep yourself updated with the present inventory as it helps in setting priorities and planning your next moves carefully. Just press “E” to check your inventory at any point in the game.

Crafting things may require more resources than you estimate and unknown conditions make you spend your resource fast. So, keep plenty of inventories available at all times.

Also, keep in mind that you need to get a crafting table on which you can perform crafting tasks.

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Minecraft Tip#5: Equip yourself with best tools and armor

Tools help you gather the resources quickly and easily. So try to acquire as many tools as possible but also be mindful of their relevance to your specific needs.

The primary focus should be on collecting axes, shovels, pickaxes, swords and hoes as it helps you in tackling three prime challenges- survival, defense and winning over the enemies/hostile creatures.

Growing ahead…

After getting a decent grip over the survival mode you can gradually graduate to higher stages. You can challenge your mind, explore the wonders of the open world, discover amusing places, and chance upon hidden chests. The whole wonderful world of Minecraft is yours to enjoy.


If you are new to the Minecraft game you need to pick up some of the handy tips. It will allow you to play your first game confidently. After reading this blog you would be able to play your first game with less difficulty and as you gradually learn new things you can then graduate to the next levels.

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