Do’s and don’ts to keep in mind for your logo design

Logos are the most observed component of your company. It is of utmost importance to grow the brand exceptionally. It gives your brand an unique identity which makes your stand out of the crowd and get noticed.

Having a well-crafted logo design makes a long-lasting impression on the customer and builds a positive trust between you and the customers. Being a most significant part of the brand, you must create it which attracts the customers towards your brand.

Designing a logo isn’t an easy task, it requires a meticulous knowledge of design concepts and various elements. Your business logo design includes plenty of colors, fonts, shapes and other design elements which makes it appealing and you need to use it wisely. Therefore, let’s discuss some of the do’s and don’ts points that you must keep in mind.

Do’s to keep in mind

01. Make your logo clear and legible

Your professional logo design must be clear and legible, there is nothing wrong in having this type of logo. People always struggled to read the complex fonts and unclear design which reduced the legibility of it.

Simplicity in logos is always a preferable option by many designers, it has power to capture the attention of the people. Many famous companies have accepted this point in their logo and make it simple, though they are able to attract the people and get noticed among other competitors. For instance, the logo of Nike is a perfect example of clear and legible logo, just swoosh sign and becomes the most popular brand in the international level.

02. Consider scalability

Logo has a wide range of usage. It can be placed in a website, social media images, banners, and many more even in different sizes as well. Might be today, you’re only using it in a website but later in the future you will require it in many places.

A business logo must be scalable enough so that it looks appealing in large size billboards to the small size pen as well. In order to make it scalable, you should not add too many details in a single design, otherwise it becomes difficult to see in a small size. So, consider this point as your logo can be used in any place, you must design it accordingly.

03. Be consistent

It’s really important when you’re designing a logo for your brand. It must be consistent from the first design. A frequent modification makes a negative impact on the customers and they won’t trust you more.

As the logo is the identity of the brand so must be consistent so that it shows the true value of the company. However, to keep it updated with the latest trend, small changes are acceptable but a major modification which completely changes the look of it is not recommendable.

You can consider the logo of Google as the best example of consistency. As they haven’t made much more modification in it from the establishment of the company.

04. Color variations

Might be the first time you have designed your professional logo design by considering only a single color. However, the fact is that it can be used in multiple color variations based on the requirements. So, you must design by considering plenty of color combinations.

Different color variation makes you stand out from the other and gets the attention from people. Because people always want to see something new, and colors can do that work very effectively. Thus, consider various color variations which suit your logo design the most and give a unique identity.

Don’ts to keep in mind

01. Overuse of colors

Undeniable, the colors are the integral part of the whole logo design. It has power to give your logo an extraordinary look if it’s used cleverly. Strive for simple and limited use of colors.

Two to three colors in a design would be sufficient to make it an eye-catching logo. Extensive use of it makes your logo complex and busy, which is not appropriate for any corporate industry. Being a designer you must understand the significance of color psychology as well. Each has a different meaning which you can include in design. A simple and wise of it shows the professionalism of the brand.

02. Blunder with fonts

Another very important factor which needs to be considered very carefully. A wrong use of typography won’t help you to attract the customers as it’s the most observed element of the logo.

Don’t make it complicated for your customer to read, it keeps your user stay away from you and that’s what nobody wants. If you’re going to use more than one font in a logo design then make sure that both look appealing by placing them on each other, otherwise it ruins the whole design.

Even from the distance and in the small object also it must look attractive. Bold and thick line fonts won’t give you better legibility in every device. Hence, choose the fonts wisely and make sure that they fit with the other design of the logo.

03. Copied from existing

Your logo design is an identity of your brand, it must be unique. It won’t help you to differentiate your brand from others, that is what the ultimate goal is.

You can take inspiration from the various professional logo designs but your imagination is what makes it attractive. By copying the logo you’re creating distance between you and a customer because if they find something relevant to it, they won’t trust you anymore.

04. Forget the industry

It’s highly necessary to include something relevant to the industry in the logo design. As it’s the identity of the brand, people must understand about the brand by looking at.

You can be creative and think out of the box to make it extraordinary and impressive but it should not ignore the industry. You need to just insert your requirement in the logo creator based on that you will get the logos of it. For example, you can not add fancy images and colors in a logo for the hospital. It must be somewhere relevant to the industry you’re targeting.


Undeniably, the logo is the face of the company. It must be unique and extraordinary to impress the customers. In this digital world, having a well-crafted logo has utmost importance for various purposes. However, you need to consider the above-mentioned do’s and don’ts to make it suDo’s to keep in minditable for your brand.

Andrew Simon
Andrew Simon
Andrew Simon is a content and branding specialist working with a renowned Logo design company ProDesigns that assures an accurate and consistent brand message that is delivered to the audience. He loves to explore the latest technologies and trends.
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