3 best places to eat for less in Florida

Regardless of how much money you’ve spent on your flights and your private villas in Florida you may be looking to spend as little as you can while you’re on vacation. Florida is a wonderful place to  go on vacation but if you’re not careful you can find yourself spending much more than you anticipated. Here is where we can come in and help you out. We have compiled a list of some of Florida’s cheapest places to eat so you can eat for less  so you part with a bit less cash on your time away:

Garbo’s Grill

Situated at 409 Caroline Street, Key West, Garbo’s Grill serves up some tasty Korean, Caribbean and American food. You could be forgiven for thinking that because the food is quite cheap it must be of poor quality, but this is not the case at all. Found behind a bar that looks as though it could be someone’s home, Garbo’s Grill is located in a metallic caravan offering up some tasty dishes that you would find in some pricey restaurants.

With outside seating and some nearby chickens to keep you entertained Garbo’s Grill serves up tacos, burritos, burgers, hot dogs and more. The food here is cooked fresh to order and is very nicely presented, making you feel as if you have stumbled upon somewhere special, and you’d be right. Offering Yum Yum Shrimp, Umami Burger, Mango Dog, Cayo Fish tacos or burritos and more you really will be spoilt for choice, but that’s ok as you can choose something different the next time you visit this unique and wonderful eatery.

With t-shirts for sale, condiments a-plenty found on a table outside and serving up only huge portions, visitors to Garbo’s Grill are guaranteed to enjoy their meal while they dine in the sunshine. Don’t forget, the Grill can be found behind the bar, a hidden gem, you might say.


Found at 1000 Eaton Street, Key West, Bien is a Caribbean, Fusion, and Latin restaurant that sells some very nice dishes. From sandwiches to entrées, bowls of salad and side dishes, the food at Bien is definitely worth a try. Order at the counter and sit outside under the shade while the hot Florida sun beats down.

With a pleasant country home-like exterior and friendly staff, Bien is the ideal place to eat if you’re very hungry and you’re looking for a large meal. One of the beauties of this place is that it allows you to choose what you would like in your dish more so than many other eateries. For example, if you would like the ‘Carne and Rice’ you can choose to have it with steak, chicken or pork. What’s more is the ‘Extras’ menu offers you more than just a plate of fries, you can also choose from three different types of rice and black beans. The meals at Biens are just divine and while they are cooked to order you would not call this eatery a fast food joint, simply because the meals are too healthy and too nice! For a taste of something different and filling, head to Bien.

Duetto Pizza and Gelato

Situated at 540 Greene Street, Suite #1, Key West, Duetto Pizza and Gelato may be a very small eatery but it serves up some great dishes that are set to impress. While the exterior of this eatery does look like a regular fast food restaurant, the quality of the food here is better than you would expect, and the prices are very good too.

Dine inside or out and enjoy a pizza or two that has been cooked to perfection. The waiting staff cleverly bring out a few tables that your pizzas sit on so you can pick up one slice at a time place it on your place and enjoy it. The tables that you sit at are not big enough to house more than one pizza, so they have cleverly come up with this idea so you can order as much as you like! While we’re on the subject of pizzas you may be interested to know that there are at least 20 different types of pizza to choose from, which means there is something for everyone.

The gelato served at this eatery is just divine and there are at least a dozen flavours to choose from. With three different portion sizes available and served at a reasonably good price, this is an eatery that you’re going to want to visit again.

There are many great places to eat in Florida from some restaurants that specialise in the fine dining experience to those fast food joints that offer you a quick meal for very little money. However, after doing a spot of research we have found that the above three eateries are some of the best in the area. Not only are they cheaper than many other places but they also offer you good quality meals that won’t leave you feeling hungry. If you’re looking to enjoy some tacos or burritos that are freshly cooked you may want to head to Garbo’s Grill. If you’re looking for  Caribbean, Fusion, and Latin dishes then you should think about visiting Bien and enjoying a dish or two. Alternatively, if you would like some pizza and gelato that will make you want to come back for more then head to Duetto Pizza and Gelato.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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