Best finger foods to include in catering

Finger foods are some of the most favoured and enjoyed party foods that are just amazingly delicious. Whether it is a dinner party or business meeting finger foods undoubtedly tops the menu list. Catering is one of the best choices to save portioned appetisers and at the same time save a lot of time. This is the main reason that around 60% of people chose caterers to supply food for their upcoming events. Catering also makes it a lot easier for the host of the event to focus on guests and entertainment rather than wasting time on arrangements and cooking food.

It doesn’t matter what type of food you choose whether you choose Italian, Mexican, Chinese or anything in between, it is for sure that your guests will be amazed by the wide range choices of finger foods. If you are planning to host a party or a business event in Melbourne then finger foods should top your catering menu. Finger foods are very popular among Australians as it has innumerable options to choose from and different flavors to relish the taste buds.

Since ages catering has been associated with different types of menus like appetisers, finger foods, hors-d’oeuvres, cheese plates, stuffed chicken. Now, that the snacks are becoming an integral part of every event be it parties or official meetings, the definition of snacks is changing altogether. This is why finger food and small dishes play a more important role in catering more than ever.

There are a number of finger foods that you can include in catering:


These fun size meatballs are surely going to relish your taste buds. You can try Teriyaki or Moroccan meatballs that have a twist of stuffings of eggs and meatball made with minced lamb instead of beef served with tomatoes.

Mozzarella balls:

These cheese balls are delightful and creamy. With added lemon along with basil for flavors will give more Italian taste to it. Paring this savoury dish with a creamy marinara sauce or garlic aioli will be outstanding. Always remember the crispier the better!

Mushrooms stuffed with cheese:

Mushrooms stuffed with cheese just adds on to more flavors and creamy cheese goodness to a whole new level. Sprinkled onion and pepper powder will ultimately make more mouthwatering flavor. For a different flavor, you can also add minced meat in the fillings.

Bacon wrapped potatoes:

It is surely a classic finger food that is full of flavors of herbs like rosemary and also onions. The blend of meat and potatoes is always the best choice to impress your guests and at the same time fill up their stomachs. If you are more into health you can ask your caterer to fill in with turkey bacon rather than pork.

Crab cakes:

Though the size is small this finger food is surely tasty and delightful. Full of freshness, juiciness, crab cakes are some of the favourites among seafood lovers. You can garnish them with the veggies and bring some colour to the plate.


It is a crispy and light finger food that is loaded with different flavors. It is one of the classic finger foods and also a tasty one. You can spice it up with, ripe Roma tomatoes or vinaigrette. It is an Italian dish that is topped with parmesan, mozzarella or goat cheese depending upon your choice.


One of the best Chinese appetisers. Your guests will surely be delighted with new food to try. You can ask your caterers to fill the dumplings with chicken, pork, beef or mutton. You can even choose veggies to fill in the dumplings.

Catered offerings should reflect your taste in food and at the same time reflect dine-in or takeout menu. They need not be exact replicas but complimentary for sure. Healthy options are also the way to go especially for business or official events.

Final words:

People around the world, enjoy finger foods as snacks or as miniature servings for their events. These petite small sized bite finger foods are full of flavors that can make parties and events an indelible affair. They are the centre of attraction in every menu list. The crispy, cheesy and meaty goodness is just irresistible to make an evening a smashing success.

Mark G. Brisk
Mark G. Brisk
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