10 ways to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner

An air conditioning unit that isn’t efficient in cooling a room isn’t only a pain but also increases your electricity expenses. You should always check that your AC can do the job it was designed to do. 

There are several ways you can improve the efficiency of your air-conditioning unit. With these tips in mind, you can say goodbye to the uncomfortable atmosphere in your home and rising power bills. Here are some tips that you can follow to improve the efficiency of your AC.

Clear out the debris from the unit’s housing

You’ll increase the efficiency of your air conditioning unit if you ensure that it’s cleaned regularly. You should clear debris out of the unit’s housing and make sure there’s enough clearance around it. A lot of times, AC units that aren’t cooling efficiently are likely to have some debris caught inside. 

Dust, dirt and leaves can settle inside the housing of your air conditioning unit. It’s also advisable that you trim back any straggling plants and bushes near the unit’s housing. If you follow this tip, you can allow your AC to operate efficiently.

Check the ventilation fins

The ventilation fins are the parts of the AC that allow the air to flow into the unit. Therefore, you should check if they’re opened properly. There are times in which they are close, which obstructs air flow and slows down your AC. It’s necessary that you get a fine comb to clear out any dirt or obstructions that may have settled on the ventilation fins. 

Insulate the ducts

One of the ways to improve the efficiency of your AC is to insulate the ducts. To do this, you can apply fibreglass insulation to seal and wrap the unit ducts for that purpose. If any of the inside ducts need replacing, you should call up a professional to do the job.

Install a shade

You should ensure that your air conditioning unit has at least some form of shade to shield it from the heat of the sun. The sun’s heat can cause your AC to run low with its original functions. To prevent this, you can install a shade or cover for that purpose.

Believe it or not, certain temperatures can cause circuitry malfunctions inside your AC’s housing. Such malfunction can lead to inadequate cooling, or even worse, start a fire. Another thing to note is that when running efficiently, your AC unit produces a reasonable amount of heat. Any more heat from external sources can cause it to break down.

Ventilate the attic

To lower the internal temperature in your home, it’s advisable that you set up proper ventilation up your attic. You can have an exhaust fan to minimise the effect of hot air in the attic so that your AC unit operates efficiently, without any hassles. 

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Cover the window with blinds and curtains

Windows that are exposed to the sun should be covered with blinds and curtains during the hot hours. You can also install solar shade screens if you want to allow light to get in without too much heat. As mentioned earlier, the sun’s heat can cause the AC to overheat, hindering its performance. 

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Dehumidify the air

Nowadays, air conditioning units not only provide cool air to your home, but it also gets rid of moisture-laden air out of it. However, you can double up the dehumidification process by having another dehumidifier in the room. Installing a dehumidifier can eliminate around 60 pints of water daily from your home.

Clean the air filters

According to Provincial Heating and Cooling, you should inspect the air filters of your air-conditioning unit as this will help you know when and if it needs cleaning. Clogged air filters often cause poor circulation of air to your home. However, if cleaning doesn’t solve the air circulation problem, you can consult a professional AC cleaning service to assist. 

Always remember that opening your AC requires a professional to do it. Never attempt to DIY your AC unit if something inside it needs replacement as you might mess up something, causing more damage to the unit.

Upgrade to a modern AC unit

Old air conditioning units are way less efficient than the new ones. It will do you good to upgrade your AC. You should choose an AC unit from a respected brand, one that is renowned in providing comfort when cooling your home.

If you’re worried about the costs of a brand new AC, think of the maintenance costs of your old unit. Think of the costly repairs and the rising power bills you’ll have to pay if you don’t choose to upgrade. 

Insulate air leaks in your home

You should look for air leaks in your home and insulate them. Air leaks can cause your air conditioning unit to work harder in providing air inside your home and it can also increase your electricity expenses.


Your air conditioning unit should provide you comfort, not problems. Therefore, if you encounter issues with your AC, perhaps a little tweak can help it operate at its best, or perhaps purchasing a whole new unit may be the best course of action. 

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