Key things to know about air ducts cleaning

While all of us agree that like every area of our house, air ducts also need to be cleaned frequently, we usually do not know how often we need duct cleaning.

Most of us also do not have a clear idea about how air duct cleaning is done. Naturally we turn to experts or professional duct cleaning services.

DIY vs professional services

There are many homeowners who prefer to hire reputed professional duct cleaning services just because they can be rest assured about the results. While hiring reputed air duct cleaning services has lot of advantages such services come at a price.

But by paying a little you can actually maintain your home in a tidy manner thanks to such cleaning services. Commercial duct cleaning services even offer their services in public holidays and weekends as well.

What experts say?

We often do not give much importance to duct cleaning. But the authorities and experts always maintain that cleaning ducts is very much necessary at least every three or five years.

Often uncleared duct pipes and deposits cause irreparable damage to your health and are directly responsible for health hazards like asthma or allergies.

When is cleaning your air ducts absolutely necessary?

Below are some of the situations when you need to clean air ducts:

  • When you feel that there is deposit if dirt’s or mould has built-up inside the air ducts.
  • When you see vermin, cockroaches and other worms are entering and coming out of it.
  • When you see lot of dust coming out whenever air is vented through it.
  • Air conditioning duct cleaning may be needed when you see that the air conditioning system not properly cooling.
  • When you can see visible deposit of debris close to the duct outlet.

Professional air duct cleaning recommendations

As per the professional experts and technicians some of the key considerations for cleaning your air duct at home requires the below mentioned considerations:

  • You need to clean air ducts every three to five years.
  • Always clean the air ducts when moving into a new place.
  • When home renovation or construction work is completed you need to clean the ducts to make sure no unwanted debris has formed inside.
  • Any home which has pets make their duct pipes more vulnerable to the deposit of shredded fur and dander. Such houses may need duct cleaning more frequently than usual.

Key considerations for hiring a quality air duct cleaning Company

When you have decided to depend on professionally expert duct cleaning company instead of ‘one size fits all’ kind of services, you need to go for people who have a reputation and work experience with city’s acclaimed properties and premises.

Other key considerations to ascertain the quality of service and proper cleaning output are mentioned here below:

  • Avoid a very low priced service that has no commitment to customer satisfaction except just giving you a hasty cleaning more just to show you something instead of actually cleaning the ducts.
  • Quality duct cleaning service is expected to cost somewhere around $300 to $500 and such a service completely takes care of the entire ducts including the components responsible for passing out the air like the air coils, furnace, and central system.
  • Quality cleaners also make use of negative air machines equipped with HEPA filters.
  • An expert duct cleaning takes a few hours and if it takes less than an hour or so, your duct probably has not been cleaned properly.
  • If your duct cleaner service use truck-mounted, large outside vacuum systems make sure that they do not already contain any dust and debris already.
  • Finally always make sure that your duct cleaning service strictly follows the proper cleaning standards as regulated by the regional and federal authorities.
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