10 best bucks party costumes Aussies love

Aussies are known around the world for their ability to drink crazy amounts of alcohol. If you want to see this in action look out for a buck’s party at the weekend. It will be the big group of blokes who can’t stand, but there is another way to recognise them.

Everyone loves dressing up in wild costumes when they attend a buck’s party. They’ll give you lots of wonderful ideas if you’re looking to dress up in the future. You probably don’t want to wait until the weekend, so we’ll look at some of the best ones now.

1. The Joker

Australians are proud of Heath Ledger, so they love dressing up like the Joker. It’s the perfect costume to wear at a buck’s party when you think about it. You’ll be able to walk around acting like a lunatic, which is going to happen anyway but at least you’ll now have a reasonable excuse.

2. Batman

The groom might turn up as Batman if everyone else is going dressed like the Joker. Australians enjoy working out, so they’ll look more like the Ben Affleck version. You won’t have to stuff any fake muscles into your Batman costume and you’ll still look intimidating to everyone in the pub.

3. A Lifeguard

In most countries, a lifeguard is just someone who sits close to the water to protect their fellow humans. In Australia it’s almost like they’ve reached cult status. You’ll get to go out with very little clothes on and you can ask girls if they need mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

4. Cricket Team

The cricket team haven’t exactly painted Australia in a good light recently, but we still love the game. Also, you’ll look good walking around dressed like a cricket star. Forget about Rugby unless everyone has chunky legs and big beards, or you’ll look like a child’s team.

5. Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie is an Australian sweetheart, but it’s still nice to see her crazy side. The costume has become a massive hit all around the world. Guys enjoy dressing up like the bat-wielding maniac too. If your buck’s party wear tight little shorts you’ll be sure to get all the attention.

6. Troll Doll

Guys like to go out with bright and wacky wigs, but they don’t have a particular costume in mind. If you’re thinking about doing this dress up as a troll doll. You’ll only need skin coloured clothes and your wig to get started. It’s the closest you’ll get to nakedness unless you visit the strippers.

7. Steve Irwin

Even though he’s been gone for a while, Steve Irwin is still an Australian legend everyone loves. He had a very distinct look too, so it’s easy to dress up like him. The most important thing you’ll need is a beautiful blonde wig. Also, if you want to fall asleep in the bushes take a blow up crocodile.

8. Chopper

Mark Brandon ‘Chopper’ Read was a convict who enjoyed hurting people, but everyone thought he was hilarious. Chopper was fun but constantly on the verge of losing his mind. If you choose this costume you’ve got to remember people will likely think your buck’s party is full of mad men.

9. Kangaroo

There are lots of animals in the country you could choose, which includes sharks and crocodiles. That being said, the boxing kangaroo is the only choice for a buck’s party. It’s mostly because you’ll get to wear boxing gloves, which means when you get really drunk you’ll be able to punch your mates.

10. Toy Soldiers

Going out dressed like soldiers doesn’t sound like too much fun, but if you dress as toy soldiers it’s completely different. I’m sure you played with them when you were young. You just need to paint your weapon, clothes, and exposed skin green. If everyone stays still you’ll look like the real thing.

We’ve covered a wide range of costumes today, so I’m sure you’ve found something you love. Give your mates plenty of warning in case it’s not easy to find. I’m positive your buck’s party will be a lot more exciting.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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