Why you should make the switch to LED lighting

LED (light-emitting diode) lights have taken over the traditional marketplace in lighting for homes and businesses. Their success is due to several different reasons, but most notably because of their higher energy efficiency, increased lifespans and lower need for maintenance.

As LED lighting fixtures become more popular and commonplace it is estimated that several billions of dollars can be saved in energy consumption by the year 2030. With the buying price of lighting fixtures gradually going down, many people are understandably looking to make an upgrade.

Before choosing to swap over to LED lighting, let’s take look at some of the key reasons why you should make the switch.

More energy efficient

Prior to swapping out your lighting system, you’ll want to know that the one you’re replacing it with is more energy efficient. Luckily, LED lighting uses roughly half as much power as traditional options and this can lead to incredibly significant savings on your power bills, especially for fixtures that are turned on for long periods.

LED lights also work to direct light in specific directions rather than in every direction like traditional lights. Because they are set on a flat surface, the light is emitted hemispherically instead of spherically, and this works to reduce the amount of wasted energy and light.

Last longer

Unlike other forms of lighting, LED lights don’t fail or “burn out”, they simply begin to dim over a long time. The best LEDs have lifespans expected to last over 50,000 hours, depending on the durability of the fixture.

Traditional incandescent lighting usually only lasts about 1000 hours, with compact fluorescent lights lasting between 8,000 to 10,000 hours at best. With their longer operational lifespan, LEDs can reduce the costs of replacement and repair when compared to traditional lighting systems.

Enjoys the cold

Unlike fluorescent lighting, LEDs love cold temperatures. When it’s cold, more voltage is needed for fluorescent lights to start up than with LEDs.

In fact, LED lights become more efficient the colder it is. This makes LED lights an obvious choice for refrigerated storage areas, freezers and outdoor areas in colder climates.

They’re tough

When used without glass cases or filaments, LEDs are extremely tough lights that are mostly immune to strong vibrations or other types of impact. LED’s are normally not contained with glass or quartz, making them less susceptible to damage and less requiring of maintenance.

Instant effectiveness

Most traditional HID or fluorescent lights can’t provide maximum brightness until they have warmed up for several minutes. LEDs don’t have this problem, coming on with 100% brightness almost instantly and without and re-strike delay.

This makes LED lights a benefit in quickly lighting up dark areas where you don’t want to wait several minutes before gaining optimal visibility. LED lights simply do their jobs faster.

Can be used rapidly

Older methods of lighting tend to become less efficient the more they are switched off and on, however LED lights do not have this issue. This makes LED lights perfect for flashing displays as well as for automatic, sensor based lighting.

Increased functionality

While traditional lighting systems need you to pay extra to make them controllable, LED systems are already compatible with remote settings by default. LED lights can be dimmed much more seamlessly and to a greater level of accuracy than fluorescent lights.

More sustainable

In today’s world, choosing a lighting option is made more complex due to the environmental considerations of your energy usage. Luckily, LED lights allow you to create lighting systems that accomplish all of their functional goals while doing it in a smarter and more sustainable way.

BAA (Buy American Act) compliant

Today you can easily find BAA compliant LED tubes that are suited for a variety of different locations and functions. High quality BAA LED tubes are the best way to give your property, whether commercial or residential, a highly efficient and durable lighting system.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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