Why you must avoid incontinence at all costs

No one wants to have urinary incontinence, which makes it difficult to control the bladder, causing a person to release urine at any time. The symptoms range from occasional leakage to the complete inability to control when you’re going to pee.

Women are twice as likely to experience this condition as men. It’s also more common among the elderly. If the description isn’t terrible enough, these are the other reasons to avoid incontinence at all costs.

You might pee at any time

You might pee at any time

The worst part about urinary incontinence is it can happen to you at any time. Whether you are laughing, coughing, or sneezing, you might not control your bladder. Imagine if it happens to you in front of other people. It can be embarrassing. You can never recover from a damaged reputation because you wet yourself in public.

You always have the urge to pee

It is natural to want to urinate if you keep postponing going to the toilet because it is not possible or inconvenient. For example, you may have drunk too many cups of beverages. However, if you recently went to the toilet to pee, there’s no reason to do it again too soon.

But if you do not have control over your bladder functions, you may have urinary incontinence. While the condition makes you urinate frequently, there will be times when you need to go to the toilet but nothing comes out.

It can disturb your sleep

It can disturb your sleep

Since it’s hard to control when you’re urinating, it might happen even in the middle of your sleep. It can destroy your sleep cycle. Once you get up in the middle of the night, you will have difficulty getting back to sleep again. In severe cases, you might even wet the bed due to the lack of bladder control. If it’s frequent, it can be frustrating. The good thing is you can always consider using MoliCare’s range of products. They will help prevent the problem at night and improve your sleep quality.

You will lose self-confidence 

It took years for you to build your self-confidence. Several factors hindered you from believing in yourself. Everything will go away if you embarrass yourself in public because of urinary incontinence. You might not even want to go out and meet your friends anymore. It can also affect how you deal with other people at work. You would rather be alone at all times.

You could also suffer from other illnesses as you age

You could also suffer from other illnesses as you age

Imagine if you have other health issues and incontinence on top of them. It can be too complicated, and you don’t want to deal with. As you get older, you should avoid anything that will worsen your health condition. Treating different problems at once might also take a toll on your overall well-being.

You can’t be productive

When you have to do something meaningful, you need to concentrate. You want to get things done before moving on to another chore. However, with incontinence, you can barely finish one before it’s time to pee. Before you know it, you’re already running out of time. It can be a significant inconvenience. It prevents you from doing your chores as planned.

People might not take you seriously

People might not take you seriously

If you’re alone while dealing with incontinence, it’s okay. You won’t bother anyone. You can head to the toilet and pee whenever you feel the urge to do it. The problem is when you’re with other people. Picture yourself being in a meeting with other corporate officials. You keep going out to pee, and it doesn’t look good. People might start not to take you seriously due to your lack of commitment. They might also think you don’t care about the discussion because you keep heading out, some might feel disturbed.

You can’t detect other underlying health issues

When you have incontinence, it’s easy to blame it for your health conditions. You get used to the idea of wanting to pee constantly. You might not know that you also have kidney problems or urinary tract infections. It would be too late before treating these problems since you kept ignoring them. Without incontinence, you know it’s time to see the doctor to have your other health issues checked.

Incontinence might complicate

Incontinence can be an inconvenience at first, but it might lead to more serious problems. You will also spend more money on various treatments. If you don’t have comprehensive insurance, you will suffer in pain. You will also pretend you’re good to skip a doctor’s appointment.

There’s no turning back

While it’s possible to treat incontinence, the problem might keep coming back. Some medicines can alleviate the pain, but you already have the condition. You might also develop other issues and not realise it. When you get older, you will get afflicted with more medical conditions. Everything eventually becomes unbearable, and you can’t allow yourself to get there.

Given these reasons, you should do everything possible to avoid urinary incontinence. Make sure that you watch what you eat and consider a fibre-rich diet. Constantly exercise and maintain a healthy weight. Let go of unhealthy dishes, coffee, and alcohol. Try to hydrate at all times by bringing bottled water where you go. When going to the gym, avoid high impact exercises. You should also let go of heavyweights. Low impact exercises are suitable for you. Look for online tutorials to determine what fits you. If you can afford to pay for the services of a fitness trainer, it helps. You would rather listen to what experts tell you.

Remember that incontinence can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are. While it’s more common among the elderly, it can happen to you. It may also be more common among women, but men can also suffer from it. Learn to change your lifestyle and make the necessary sacrifices to avoid this problem. You don’t want to deal with it once it’s already there.

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