Why Uber drivers need to get REVS checks

Uber has enjoyed rapid growth and success since entering Australia in 2012. Over 3.7 million Australians aged over the age of 14 travelled by Uber in the last quarter of 2017.

This was up from less than 1 million users just under two years ago. Clearly, there’s no sign of the popular ride sharing app losing popularity any time soon.

Uber is a great business opportunity for many Australians, but not everyone is eligible. Uber prides itself on its driver standards, and you’ll need to show your vehicle is up to scratch to qualify. This is where a REVS check is absolutely vital.

If you want to start driving for Uber and are thinking of getting a car just for the gig, a REVS check will provide almost all of the information you need to decide.

Here’s what to look for when choosing an Uber vehicle:

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Are they comfortable?

When you’re driving people around for a living, it’s important to ensure your ride is comfortable. Ample leg room and adjustable seats are a must. Test drive the cars you consider for at least an hour; it’ll give you a great idea of how comfortable they are for you and your passengers.

How much will repairs cost?

Uber cars get a lot of use, which means wear and tear, which means maintenance. Look for models you know will be quick, easy, and affordable to keep maintained.

What’s the condition of the vehicle?

Uber vehicles need to have no cosmetic damage on them. They provide a checklist of things to check on your vehicle before you even get to the official inspection:

  • Tyre tread depth must be 1.5 mm or more.
  • Headlights, indicator lights, break lights and hazard lights must all be in working condition.
  • The body of the vehicle must be presentable and in good condition.
  • Make sure your car isn’t leaking fuel or oil.

What’s the history of the car?

A REVS Check provides you a comprehensive history report on the vehicle you’re inspecting. Just by entering the VIN on any page of this website, you can find out the manufacturing details, whether there’s money owing, stolen and write-off history, and more about almost any vehicle.

What’s the car’s safety like?

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You should always be concerned about the safety of a vehicle you purchase. This goes doubly when considering an Uber vehicle, as you’ll also be responsible for other people’s safety. The vehicle’s Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) safety rating will provide you with the car’s safety information.

A 5-star ANCAP safety rating means it has achieved the highest possible results in all safety functions and features.

When was the car made?

Uber’s vehicle requirements state that a car must be no older than 10 years old. In 2018, that means you cannot use a car from 2007 or earlier. The REVS Check will tell you the year of manufacture of the vehicle for you to check.

What type of Uber vehicle do you want to drive?

Different Uber car categories come with different requirements and earning potential. For example, in Sydney there are nine different vehicle options. These range from standard UberX, all the way to luxury UberSUV. Requirements are more stringent for the latter and slightly looser for the former.

For UberX, the minimum vehicle requirements are that it:

  • Has no commercial branding (such as banners along the side).
  • Has no visible damage, as discuss above.
  • Has at least four doors.
  • Has less than eight seats total.
  • Passes a full vehicle inspection.
  • Has current and valid registration and CTP insurance
  • Has functioning windows and air conditioning

A REVS Check makes it easy to ensure your car hits all of the necessary benchmarks and avoid potential complications later. To get your comprehensive REVS Check today, simply enter the VIN of a vehicle into any page on this website, pay the nominal fee, and hit submit. You’ll receive your report in no time.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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