Why RideShare Certified is the most trusted rideshare app

You’ve probably heard of rideshare apps like Uber, Ola and Lyft, mainly because they are the most vocal and visible firms in the rideshare market. However, if you haven’t heard of RideShare Certified then it is paramount that you read this article. RideShare Certified is one of the most trusted and reliable rideshare platforms in the industry. They understand the importance of giving individuals flexible and reliable rideshare options when they need them. At the same time, however, the company is driven to provide an adequate safety net for its workers, as a way of showing solidarity with the rideshare community. Here are several reasons why RideShare Certified is the application you need.

Putting the drivers first

We’ve all heard the horror stories about the mistreatment of Uber and Lyft drivers. Indeed, a lot of drivers working in the rideshare community often complain about a lack of respect, which largely stems from feeling undervalued by the company. On top of this, these large corporations often provide very little in terms of a worker safety net. Things like adequate pay, conditions, hours and employee entitlements (sick leave, insurance etc.) often form a large part of this debate.

Thankfully, RideShare Certified goes above and beyond, providing its drivers with personal and reliable support. By connecting drivers with a trustworthy network, drivers no longer need to be worried about many of the day-to-day challenges synonymous with being a rideshare driver. Things like car insurance and solutions to vehicle accidents can be easily handled through the service.

Improve the driver’s productivity

Knowing that the driver has the added security and support of RideShare Certified can go a long way in bolstering long-term productivity. Being productive for longer gives the driver more financial power and accountability. A lot of drivers often feel misguided and, because of the nature of their work, are often financially vulnerable. Fortunately, RideShare Certified offers unparalleled support to ensure that drivers are productive and financially protected.

Cheaper vehicle maintenance

One of the drawbacks of being an Uber driver or Lyft driver is the fact that the vehicle must be provided by you. It’s your own personal car that you are providing, so naturally you want to be maintaining your vehicle as often as possible. Thankfully, RideShare Certified can help drivers get free car rentals (if needed following a vehicle accident) and free 19-point inspections. Moreover, you can even tap into some great gas deals if you get your vehicle maintained and repaired at your local RideShare Certified Centre. Indeed, these costs can build up over time, so knowing that you have a reliable network to help alleviate the financial strain is incredibly reassuring.

Confidence and convenience

Finally, another great benefit of RideShare Certified’s services is the convenience. If something goes wrong or you need assistance throughout the day, all you simply need to do is call. Someone from RideShare can begin formulating a plan to help you through your situation. Not only is this convenient but it gives you great confidence knowing that you can deal with these problems head-on.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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