Where you should be going on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour

Las Vegas is one of the most populated tourist’s locations in the world. Thanks to the bright lights, night life and gambling, people from all over the globe flock over here to have a good time. If you have experienced a bit too much of the hustle and bustle you need to escape with a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. These rides are perfect to experience one of the wonders of the world in a style like no other.

When you hear the sentence, where to go on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour it may sound a little derivative at first. However in reality, this massive wonder spans over 277 miles and it 18 miles wide. It is so big in fact there are multiple areas you can visit on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. Below are the places that we recommend checking out while you have a chance in the area.

South rim

The South Rim is arguably the most famous section of the wonder to visit as voted by locals and tourists. Whenever you see the wonder referenced in any sorts of pop culture (photographs, TV shows or movies) it is more than likely that it was taken from this location. When you come here you are treated to some breath taking views along with a swarm of tourists.

Many people who want to experience it in a little more private and romantic manner choose to get a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. This way you won’t have to push any other people out of the way to get that perfect photo opportunity.

West rim

In terms of popularity, the West Rim is probably the second best place to visit. Many tourists who want to experience the road trip for themselves love this section of the wonder as it is the closest from the downtown strip. It is also owned and operated by a Native American tribe which also makes the experience extra surreal. This area also features the skybridge which is a glass bottom bridge than overlooks the base from 4,000 feet up in the area.

If you are afraid of heights or don’t want to hike but still want to see the base for yourself, this area is the only section with a helipad on the base. From such it makes it the perfect spot to visit on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour.

North rim

If you are struggling in the Nevada heat but still want to catch a glimpse of this amazing scenery then you need to give the North Rim a visit. This area is elevated approximately 2000 feet over its southern counterpart which in turn makes the climate a lot cooler. The cooler temperature also allows animals and fauna to flourish. It is very common to see a family of deer while you are visiting the area.

Those who are looking for a more serene experience or simply want their children to experience the wildlife you need to give this area a visit. It’s about 280 miles out from Las Vegas which makes it a nice road trip or an even better Grand Canyon helicopter tour.

East rim

The last section of the wonder to see is the East Rim. Due to being so far away it is one of the less popular sites. However don’t let that deter you as the Marble and Antelope Canyon along with the Horseshoe bend, Navajo and Rainbow Bridge are some great spots to visit. If you don’t feel like the long 320 mile road trip you can also visit the area via air travel!

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