What carpet cleaning solution is the best?

Everyone has a carpet in their home as it improves the appearance of your home as well as makes your home safer for toddlers. They are always in use throughout the day and that’s why they keep on collecting dust, mud, and bacteria. They have to go through so much and as a result, get very dirty and then you have to clean them with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners don’t clean your carpets deeply and also don’t take care of stains present on your carpet. To get rid of tough stains like blood, urine, grease, oil, wine, etc. you have to get a cleaning solution. Now you have two options regarding cleaning solutions, the first one is going to market and buy a cleaner and the second one is making your cleaning solution at home.

There’s not a single best carpet cleaning product out there in the market as they have synthetic substances in them, that can harm different types of fibres and if you have more than one type of carpets in your home then a single carpet cleaning product won’t be enough as it may clean your one carpet but fade the colour of another carpet. So, the best carpet cleaning solution for stains is homemade carpet cleaning solutions. Now you must be wondering that what is the best homemade carpet cleaning solution.A vacuum a best carpet cleaning solution.

  • Vinegar and dish soap: it’s the most common cleaning solution that is used for carpet cleaning. Mix vinegar and dish soap and make a cleaning liquid with it. Apply it all over the stains and spots and let it sit for about 15 minutes. After that use a piece of cloth to rub the area gently and afterwards remove it with the help of a wet cloth. Repeat the whole thing to completely remove stains from your carpet.
  • Ammonia: It can be used to clean stains caused by food or drink spills, pet accidents, etc. Add 2 tablespoons of ammonia in 2-3 cups of water and mix it well in a spray bottle. Spray the solution over stained and let it settle for 2-4 minutes. Afterwards, use a paper towel to blot the area. Repeat this until the stains are removed permanently.
  • Cornstarch and vinegar: sometimes after you are finished cleaning a mess on your carpet, you are left with a stain on your carpet. To get rid of these fresh stains add cornstarch in vinegar to make a paste and then apply the paste over the affected area. Let it dry for half an hour and solidify. After that use a dull and thin object to pick at it. Now use a vacuum cleaner to remove the residue.
  • Shaving foam: it works very well for cleaning carpet stains. If you don’t have shaving foam then you can make it with the help of some shaving cream and a shaving brush. Apply the shaving foam directly over the stained area. After that use a soft bristle brush or cotton cloth to gently rub the area and then let it stay for 20 minutes. Now use a clean piece of cloth to remove the foam and see if the stain is gone. If not, then repeat the whole operation.
  • Beer: many people will say it’s a waste of beer but professionals carpet cleaners say it’s a very effective way to clean your carpets. Beer is carbonated and alcoholic and both of these things work great when it comes to cleaning carpets. Spray beer over the stained area and then rub it with a soft brush or a cotton cloth. You will see that the stain will become lighter. Use another piece of cloth to blot the wetness out of the carpet and again spray beer over the area. Repeat this until the carpet is stain-free.
  • Cornstarch: it alone works very well to clean your carpet. If you have oily or greasy patches and stains on your carpet then cornstarch is the best choice. Simply sprinkle it over the dirty area and let it stay there undisturbed. Cornstarch will start absorbing all the dirty substances from the carpet. After 10-12 minutes use a vacuum cleaner to remove residue from your carpet. Do this process 3-4 times for best results.
  • Baking soda and vinegar: if you have pet stains on your carpet, that smell awful then you need only 2 things to clean them. Add baking soda and vinegar in equal quantities and then add a little water to it to make a slurry. Apply this slurry to pet stains and let it dry out. Afterwards, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dried-out residue. This method will get rid of the stain as well as the smell from the carpet.
  • Carpet cleaning products: if you think homemade remedies are not your cup of tea then you can get carpet cleaning products from the store. There’s no such thing as the best carpet cleaning product as you have to choose accordingly oft of many carpet cleaners out there, the one that is good for your carpet fabric. No single carpet cleaner can be used for both synthetic as well as woollen carpets so you have to choose accordingly.

Those various ways of carpet cleaning are used by our trained experts, not all carpet cleaning systems work for your premise’s carpet. All those systems have various methods and device which are applied to clean the carpets. Alike hot liquid removal cleaning uses high compelled hot water to clean and make the carpet dirt and bacteria-free while under the foam encapsulation process, the plastic soap is used as an explosive for cleaning the carpets and getting them bacteria-free. While below sunbonnet cleaning, a large motorized machine with a spinning pad is used for cleaning the top part of the carpet.

Rahul Saklani
Rahul Saklani
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