How to clean the mattress with home-prepared solutions

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, but the bed is also the favourite place of mites, responsible for allergies. Here are two good enough reasons to pay more attention to mattress cleaning. There are others, however: stains, mould and unpleasant odours, which can not be removed by regular cleaning solutions.

The steps of cleaning a mattress

Cleaning the mattress can be a complicated thing if you haven’t done your homework before. The cleaning options are limited, the result can be superficial, and the application of the solutions we are used to (water with detergent) does more harm than good, creating favorable conditions for the development of mites, fungi and bacteria, loving moisture and heat.

What to do? There are, of course, solutions, the most appropriate of which is the use of laundry services. For quick stain removal and more frequent cleaning, we can also do it at home, with the help of solutions prepared by ourselves, to which we can add a product with a cleaning and refreshing role for not only mattresses, but also beds. wool, sofas, chairs and curtains.

Why it is important to clean the mattress

It should be noted, first of all, that on the market we find hypoallergenic mattresses, created specifically to prevent allergies and various other skin conditions caused by bacteria and dust mites that can hide in the bedroom. Another recommended choice in this regard are latex mattresses or those with springs, both models ensuring good air circulation.

The main reason why we should not delay cleaning the mattress, even when there are no stains, is the fact that the level of perspiration during the night is high, and mites prefer environments with humidity and heat, which favors their development. In addition, although we frequently change the bed linen, the mattress remains dirty and only a thin piece of fabric separates us from it.

Beyond these details, cleaning is also the main way we can prolong the life of mattresses. A good quality mattress is a small investment and can last up to ten years, provided it is properly maintained.

Vacuuming dust and food debris from the mattress with a vacuum cleaner

The first step in cleaning a mattress and, by the way, the simplest operation, is to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and food debris. Vacuuming must also be done on the back, so as to remove any traces of dust inside the material.

Preparing the right solution for cleaning the mattress depending on the type of stains

If we have chosen to clean stains at home, instead of cleaning in the city, maybe because we need a quick solution, it is necessary to know what type of products we are allowed to apply on the surface of the mattress (or sofa) and what are the prohibited solutions.

First of all, let’s hope that the mattress label was not removed, because here we find important information. If the manufacturer does not offer, however, too many indications regarding the cleaning method, we go on to the following recommendation, namely: hard chemicals and the use of liquid solutions on the entire surface are prohibited. In other words, we don’t throw the mattress into the water.

What we can do, instead, is to clean only the area we are interested in and pay close attention to the drying process. One of the most effective solutions is the mixture of cold water with baking soda, which is applied by dabbing where there are stains. After rinsing, the place can be dried with a hairdryer, or we can expose the mattress outdoors to the sun.

Whether it’s baking soda or another cleaning solution, test it on a small portion to see how the fabric reacts.

Cleaning the mattress on both sides

The same recommendations apply to both sides of the mattress: use a vacuum cleaner and prevent liquids from penetrating deep.

Thorough drying of the cleaned mattress

To avoid damage and mould, we must ensure that the mattress dries to the last fibre. It is usually made with the help of a dryer, air heater or exposure to sunlight, but taking care not to prolong the proximity of the material to heat sources.

Solutions for cleaning mould stains on the mattress

The mould can be removed with the help of a solution obtained from warm water and alcohol, which we spray on the entire surface of the mattress, taking care to check later how well the fabric has dried.

Removing the unpleasant odour is done by simply sprinkling baking soda on the entire (dry) surface of the mattress. After half an hour, we can use the vacuum cleaner.

Solutions for cleaning urine stains on the mattress

Removing urine stains, some of the most unpleasant in a home, due to the persistent odor, can be done simply with a mixture obtained from baking soda (3 tablespoons), hydrogen peroxide (a few drops, up to a teaspoon) and a few drops of liquid dishwashing detergent. The solution is applied over the stain with a spray and allowed to dry. It is important to know that its efficiency is high in the first five minutes after making the mixture and decreases considerably afterwards and that its role is to remove not only stains but also the smell.

Alternatively, we can use a mixture of vinegar with liquid soap, or vinegar and water, avoiding, with the help of a sponge, a complete absorption inside the fibres of the mattress. Also, in the case of this type of stain, a variant is the use of upholstery cleaning solutions, available in specialized stores, which are applied with a brush.

Solutions for cleaning blood stains on the mattress

Newly formed stains can be removed with a solution made of salt, cold water and baking soda, in equal parts. We will obtain a paste, which we leave on for 30 minutes and which is important to apply by dabbing, not by circular movements, thus avoiding increasing the surface of the stains. The solution will be removed with a little cold water.

Solutions for cleaning wine, coffee or juice stains on the mattress

A combination of hydrogen peroxide (two parts) and dishwashing detergent (one part) can be effective in this case. The solution is applied in a very small amount, by gentle movements, with the help of a cleaning brush. After five minutes, we can remove it with a soft cloth.

Solutions for cleaning food stains on the mattress

The combination of peroxide – dishwashing detergent, as well as the mixture of bicarbonate with cold water can be a solution for this type of stains, with the specification that each solution must be initially tested on a very small portion of the fabric.

Protect the mattress to keep it clean for as long as possible

But what can we do to keep the mattress clean and in good condition for as long as possible? Here are some recommendations to keep in mind:

  • Use both sides of the mattresses, alternating surfaces every 6 months;
  • Protects the material with removable covers and an additional mattress, called a topper; the topper is a foam plate, with memory and a height of 5-10 cm, which is placed above the mattresses, to prolong their life, but also for more comfort;
  • Periodically call on the help of Mattress cleaning centres, some of which offer home services.

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