What are the best business management Colleges in Australia?

Tourism management and hospitality is an emerging industry. This industry is developing at a very fast pace all over the world. There are many opportunities for business diploma courses that attract students from around the world.

However, due to this good rapidness of advancement, students who want to catch these opportunities have to compete a lot. Students who wish to be part of this rapidly developed area have to find higher quality education.

An emerging industry, hospitality and tourism management provides attractive opportunities for graduates worldwide. Therefore high-quality training is widely demanded by all those people who wish to be part of this glamorous and fast-paced sector. This training is fine, what do universities offer in Australia. Therefore, their advanced diploma of business saw student enrollment increase more than 30% in the previous year.

Australia has always been a very famous terminal for studies, with its astounding landscape and vibrant culture. In Australia, the industry gives the students the chances to understand what defines the best brands of hospitality and to master with the global leading players, Because of being in the city center of luxury and diplomacy.  

Here are the top ten colleges for business management in Australia:

  1. Bond University
    Bond Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management provides you a professional training to be involved in the world hospitality field. The business school has joined with global hotels like Intercontinental, Hilton and, Marriott so that students can get the quality experience.
  2. Murdoch University
    According to the Times Higher Education Guide, one of the top 350 universities in the world, Murdoch offers quality education in its domestic and offshore premises. The University provides a course called “Bachelor in Hospitality and Tourism Management”, which is actually a complete program and provides hands-on training in the third year, i.e. last year.
  3. Griffith University
    In 2010, the University was honored with “Best Tourism Teacher” by the National Tourism Awards. Griffith’s Hospitality Department has attracted a huge number of hospitality students in their various undergraduate programs, for instance, graduates of international tourism and hotel management, and postgraduate certification and diploma in tourism.
  4. The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School
    One of the most famous hospitality schools in Australia, Blue Mountain offers world-class customized hotels, hospitality, and tourism management internship with the environment. It provides Bachelor of Business in International Hotel and Resort Management in partnership with Queensland University.
  5. Stanley College
    There are several programs this university offers to its students
    business courses who are known to develop suitable skills for their students in this industry. The University offers Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management program which tells the student how to become a successful leader in this industry. There are programs like ‘Executive Shading Program’ which are started by the University to advance the necessary managerial abilities.
  6. The Hotel School Sydney
    An educational partnership between Southern Cross University and Mulpha Australia, the hotel school offers graduates, masters, certifications, and diplomas in Hotel Management and is known for providing a very professional environment for its students. The Institute offers all types of programs with certification and diploma in hotel management. There is also the provision of internship to focus on developing working skills in particular.
  7.  Skill Australia
    Skills Australia Institute offers several undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Hotel Management, consisting the Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management, and the Master of International Hospitality Management which is specifically designed to give students the best possible skilled education.
  8. Victoria University
    Offering a unique insight into the hospitality management world, Victoria provides a Bachelor of Business degree that allows students to specialize in two or more business topics, and a joined approach to prepare potential leaders for the real surrounding.
  9. La Trobe University
    La Trobe’s offer business management with the skills necessary for the deep insights of the tourism and hospitality area. Students can combine them with topics such as economics, law, and psychology. The institute is a famous person and offers many students the opportunity to actually get professional experience and thus gain an edge over other students. The Institute offers Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Hospitality) which connects tourism management with all the skills required for management and tourism.
  10. William Blue College of Hospitality Management
    The William Blue College of Hospitality Management provides students the freedom to design the structure of the study which makes them the best. Students can truly choose the study framework that is best for them and thus can fully make use of their time in college. The Institute has been for more than two decades and since its start, hospitality management is offering exceptional education in the field. There are some campuses of the Institute around the country and the institute offers a large number of degrees on these campuses. The institute provides an online based degree as well.

A study in Perth with the Australian Diploma of Business can hope to be very well respected around the world for their qualifications, and thus truly open global job opportunities.

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