15 wardrobe basics every woman must have

Would you love to hear that there is a secret to looking good everyday no matter what you dressed up for?  There are actually a few basic pieces that do the magic and every woman should have them in her wardrobe. When you have these pieces, it doesn’t matter if you shop with the trend or only buy classic pieces, getting dressed will become hassle free and you will always come out looking good.

These heroic wardrobe pieces are perfect for every season, will match with almost anything in your wardrobe and compliment whatever style you feel like putting on per day. They are truly pieces of investment and will be the key to your smashing good looks every day and night.

Number 1: White t-shirt

Starting your outfit with a clean slate like a clean white tee is really refreshing. You can wear it any day of the year, pair it with suit pants, a pair of jeans or use it as a layer. Finding the perfect whit tee might be elusive so you should put some thought into it. Our advice is go for men’s tees because they aren’t too tight and they aren’t see through.

Number 2: Denim jeans

If you want to put your money on a piece of clothing that will never go out of style, pick denim jeans. For every season and every shape, dark wash denim will always work. Straight legs and skinny jeans are the most versatile, but you should make your choice based on comfort and personal fit. You can dress jeans up or down depending on the accessories and layers you pair it with.

Number 3: Little black dress with a twist

The little black dress a.k.a LBD is on everyone’s must have list, but what if black just isn’t your color? The LBD is nice, easy and versatile, but the LBD with a twist is what you need. Make sure the option you choose can be your go to for a semi-formal event. This kind of dress can be your work dinner savior or what saves the day as your presentation outfit. The most important thing is the fit and the color. You can always change up the look with different jewelry and shoes.

Number 4: Blazer

You want to have a classic longline blazer you can depend on through every season. It’s okay if you like the classic black look but a checkered look also works fine. You can pair it with leggings or jeans and a pair of heels in the evening or throw it over classic work separates during the day.

Number 5: Black leggings

We can never scream loudly enough about the awesomeness and versatility of simple black leggings. You can pair your leggings with boots or trainers and layer up with a cardigan for a clean comfy look. Lookout for a fabric that will be flattering yet offer support and avoid leggings with a logo so they remain classy.

Number 6: Simple white shirtA woman sitting against a wall holding a coffee and looking away. She is wearing must have wardrobe basics a simple white shirt and jeans.

A crispy clean white shirt that doesn’t bulge at the buttons is what you’re going for. As with the white t-shirt, the key to a good looking shirt here is the perfect fit. You want a loosely fit shirt that skims and flatters your figure. This piece will go well for work and for play. You can pair it with a blazer or with a pair of fitted denim jeans.

Number 7: Midi dress

The midi dress is a classic modern piece that works hard every season. You can layer it under a chunky knit, blazer or throw it on top of a pair of jeans in the cold months. Shirt dress styles are great but if you buy one of these in wrap dress style, it can double as a kimono.

Number 8: Trench coat

If you have had to live through a single British summer, you probably know the great importance of owning a trench coat. This is a between season staple that never goes out of style. Whether you wear it over a cute knit and denim jeans for the weekend or belt it up for a chic office look, a classic trench coat fills many wardrobe loopholes.

Number 9: Breton stripes

Classic stripes will never go out of fashion, that’s why you need your very own pair of Breton stripes. You can go for red or navy blue, but ensure you stick to classic shapes like crew neck and long sleeves so they remain fashionable in every season.

Number 10: Ankle boots

From party dress to denim, a comfortable pair of ankle boots will go with everything. Pick one with a mid-heel so it can dress an outfit up or down. stiletto heels will not be as comfortable as block heels so definitely make that choice according to your comfort level. You can go for a classic black color but metallics, red or even leopard print will be an awesome way to throw some color on plain outfits.

Number 11: Black heelsA woman sitting on the floor tying up her must have wardrobe basics black heels.

Say hello to your best friend and savior of every evening outfit! They are perfect for your 9-5, weekend date night and happy hour. Black heels just never fail. Depending on your style, you can go for pumps, court shoes or even strappy sandals, just make sure they are comfortable for you.

Number 12: White sneakers

On the days when you cannot deal with boots or heels, you are going to want a comfy pair of versatile sneakers on your feet. Forget the old fashioned rules that say you can only wear sneakers on Friday or when you’re headed to the gym. White sneakers are perfect with t-shirt and jeans, a dress or with a pleated skirt.

Number 13: Neutral flats

When you have neutral flats, you have versatility and comfort like no other can provide. Whether your style is mules, loafers or ballet flats, you need at least one pair of flats in your wardrobe. Neutral flats are a jack of all trades footwear that look right for everything from a grocery run to a board meeting. When it comes to flat shoes, black, navy and nude are always excellent neutral choices. Metallics also make for great shades that pair well with many outfits.

Number 14: Leather jacket

Whether you’re wearing it with leggings, jeans or a party dress, a leather jacket is that timeless piece that will spice up any kind of outfit. You should go for a jacket that is one size bigger than you so you can layer some insulated clothing underneath during the cold months. Who says you can’t look fashionable because it’s cold?

Number 15: Fancy raincoat

You can turn a dull bad weather day around in a fancy raincoat. You get to brighten your mood and be protected from the elements at the same time. You don’t have to dress down because the weather isn’t right. A raincoat will give you the element of style surprise.

Bonus itemsA group of women wearing basic wardrobe must haves standing in a line hugging and laughing.

Black pants

If you have a problem with leggings or they are banned from your workplace, you can opt for black pants instead. For the perfect stretch, any material mixed with spandex and polyester will do just fine.

Layering necklaces

Whether the trend is zodiac or coin pendants, layering necklaces are always in fashion. They are every woman’s go to for an instant polished look without trying too hard. You can’t just pick your favorite pieces, throw them together and hope it looks good. Pay attention to lengths and make sure each necklace is an inch or so apart from the next. If you’re too lazy to care, opt for a one piece that’s already layered.

Hair accessories

Once upon a time, hair accessories were designated for formal events like weddings. Today, you can add them to your everyday look and why not. They are a super easy accessory that have graced many runways and celebrity looks. You can easily spice things up with hair accessories.

Signature item

Your signature piece should remind people to think of you. Whether it’s sequined pants or a fur coat, that piece should be associated with your personality. Don’t rush yourself into making a decision for this because signature pieces don’t appear overnight. One designer says that they come organically or are handed down through generations. The most important thing about a signature piece is it should make you feel happy.

Leather handbag

A super practical piece that immediately adds polish to any look, leather handbags are the great finisher. You can go for a designer piece but that’s not necessary, you just need good quality leather that will stand the test of time. To get two bag styles in one, choose a leather handbag with a detachable crossbody strap.

Trends may be here today and gone tomorrow, but these wardrobe basics will stand the test of time. You never have to worry about what to wear again as the items on this list will help bring any outfit together. With these wardrobe basics in your stash, you can say goodbye to nothing-to-wear days and hello to getting dressed in minutes.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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