How to get your video game the attention it deserves

If you are publishing a video game, it is likely that you have put a lot of hard work, time and money into your endeavour. Make sure this doesn’t all go to waste by getting your project up and running the right way.

Greenlight Games is a UK-based publishing, marketing and funding studio that helps increase the revenue and outreach of video games, it is similar to EB Games. Their services are highly scalable, ensuring that they are equipped to deal with the smallest of indie games to the biggest blockbusters.

Ready to get your video game promoted to millions of players? Here’s how they can help:

Multi-platform support

Whether your game will be run on PCs, mobile devices or gaming consoles, Greenlight Games has your back. They support everything from Nintendo Switch to PS4 VR games.

Huge player database

Your video game will be promoted to their base of over 4 million players and cross-promoted in AAA titles, thanks to their extensive partnerships. This ensures that your game gets noticed, purchased and played!

Open access to data

The studio provides you with complete access to your performance data and analytics, without the need to wait around for a monthly report. This is highly convenient and gives you greater insight and control.

Monetisation techniques

Need help figuring out the best strategies for increasing your video game’s revenue? Their expert team can help by crafting a customised game plan for you.

Collaborative partnerships

Greenlight Games has a vast number of partners by their side to support you every step of the way. Whether you need help assessing performance analytics, investment opportunities and monetisation, they’ve got the person for you. Their partners can also provide funding, user acquisition and marketing opportunities.


They are also committed to frequently assessing your analytics and performance data so that you don’t have to (unless you want to, of course!). They provide advice and suggestions regarding how best to improve the player experience and boost your revenue.

Get featured in stores

One of the best ways to market your video game is to get it featured in gaming shops. Allowing customers to test your game in-store is an effective way to increase interest and improve conversion rates.


Greenlight Games have a proven track record of increasing game revenue (in some cases by up to 98%), with their portfolio boasting major titles such as Pocket Shrek and Dungeon Monsters. Give your video game the support it needs to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace, and watch as your title succeeds.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Executive Editor at Best in Australia. Mike has spent over a decade covering news related to business leaders and entrepreneurs around Australia and across the world. You can contact Mike here.
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