Trading of listed players live on draft night on AFL agenda

There are reports coming out of the AFL that live trading of listed players in on the agenda as they AFL looks to make changes to Draft Night.

Richmond’s assistant coach, Justin Leppitsch, said that he supports the idea believing that it would be beneficial for both the players and the clubs.

It is looking increasingly likely that the AFL will adopt the US style live draft trading where clubs are able to trade picks and determine the value of each clubs selections as they go. This would add a completely new element to the draft and potentially create a ‘needs-based’ system.

The addition of trading listed players is also on the table which would likely see the draft be extended to two days instead of just the one night.

Leppitsch said that this style of draft works “everywhere else in the world” and that there is no reason it wouldn’t work here in the AFL.

He continued to say that he believed it needed to happen sooner rather than later as it would be “only a good thing” for the competition allowing clubs to improve themselves dramatically on draft night “without the detriment to the player”.

The idea behind it is that it would more than likely give players a greater opportunity to make it at the highest level with clubs more willing to move players on with the knowledge of draft picks and value.

It also provides clubs with the opportunity to acquire the desired talent for their specific needs on draft night being able to assess who is left and the potential rises in picks or acquisition of listed players available.

Leppitsch also said that he was adamant that clubs would not be trading their best players during this live trading but would more than likely be able to move players on that were not getting the desired opportunity.

He finished by saying that when it comes down to the details of the idea “there actually more positives than negatives”.

The AFL has been discussing the prospect of live trading of draft picks however the introduction of live trading of players has only recently been put forward.

The competition is seeking to make draft night a more inclusive event that allows clubs to gain greater benefits based on those in the draft and the picks they hold.

Zac Fyffe
Zac Fyffe
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