Is Eugenie Bouchard dating her Super Bowl boyfriend?

It appears that Eugenie Bouchard has served a punishing ace to her now famous Super Bowl date via an Instagram post from her Sports Illustrated shoot.

The Canadian tennis star appears to have sent a rush of rumours around the world and may have crushed the heart of the public’s dream couple after all.

Having appeared in the Sports Illustrated photo shoot for the second year in a row, Bouchard appeared to make a suggestive Instagram post on Wednesday.

In case you don’t remember, at last year’s Super Bowl LI John Goehrke placed his faith in the almighty New England Patriots and bet a date with Eugenie Bouchard if they were to come back from 25 points down.

She took the bet and as Tom Brady does he led the Patriots to another win. Goerhke got his date as the two went to an NBA game together receiving immense media attention. However, after this, it appeared that Goerhrke went off the radar and was never to be seen again.

That was until this year’s Super Bowl when in the lead up, Goerhkre again appeared on Bouchard’s social media channels. They were spotted at the beach in Miami before being seen together at the Super Bowl in Minnesota.

It appeared that the two had been dating and were in fact a couple – weren’t they?

They released a video in which they talked about their relationship in a Q&A format before leaving everyone on edge as Bouchard quickly ended it before revealing the true nature of their relationship.

We seemed to get the answer to the question we had all been asking on Wednesday when Bouchard posted an image on Instagram from her Sports Illustrated shoot with the caption, “So I’m discovering Valentine’s Day is a lot less fun when you’re single.”

This was followed up with a reply to Lindsey Vonn’s Tweet asking for a Valentine and Bouchard was more than happy to assist all but confirming the Instagram post.

Hopefully this is just Bouchard trying to throw everyone off the trail in attempt at maintaining privacy, otherwise our faith in online love may be gone forever.

Interestingly, Goerhke retweeted Bouchard’s video from the Sports Illustrated shoot only a day earlier and seeing the rest of her posts won’t be helping any of the pain if has been blindsided.

Eugenie Bouchard hasn’t been shy to advertise her second appearance in the famous magazines shoot in recent days posting numerous videos and images from the modelling session.

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