Top trending fields in computer science

A few years back, computer science was a narrow field and there were very few options with this field. But today, all the doors are open for many sub-fields in computer science. For example, just consider web development. In web development, there are plenty of different frameworks and languages with hundreds of thousands of jobs. The popular frameworks and languages are Python, Javascript, PHP, .net, and many others.

Many times, it gets difficult for those students who want to make their career in the field of computer science to select which sub-filed they want to make a career. For that reason, we have shared the top trending fields in the computer science industry.

  1. Web development

Website and web application development is the most trending field among all the other industries. The kind of progress the field of web development has made over the last ten years is magnificent. Starting from Jquery to all the advanced frameworks like Angular, React.js, Vue.js, and all other full-stack frameworks.

With the kind of progressive web development and with the kind of number increased using the websites and web apps show that the industry of web development is in no mood to slow down in the coming years. If you are a student and you find the field of computer programming interesting, then choosing web development as a career option is a good choice.

How to get started with web development?

The first step towards learning web development is nothing but learning the basics of c programming language. Once you learn the basic concepts of c programing language then you can move on to the basic Javascript and Python programming language. Python and Javascript are the most commonly used programming languages for web development purposes. Popular frameworks of these programming languages are Node.js, Vue.js, Angular,

Django, and many others.

2. Mobile app development

Just like the web development field, the industry of mobile app development has also increased rapidly. There are over 3.48 Million apps on the Google play store. Many business owners prefer to get a mobile app developed along with the website. Many business owners have also admitted that they witnessed a huge number of business leads after they preferred developing a mobile app along with the website.

The smartphone industry is in no mood to slow down. With the kind of interesting and engaging mobile apps, more users prefer to download more mobile apps. Just like the web development industry, the mobile app development industry is also making great progress in terms of frameworks. Earlier, all the android apps were developed with Java while today there are plenty of options for the same development. Not only that, but the cross-platform framework market has also increased over the years. The cross-platform programming is nothing but the client only needs to core just once and the app will work on all the smartphones. The popular cross-platform frameworks are Ionic, native script, Phonegap, and many others.

How to get started with Mobile app development?

Having the basic knowledge about object-oriented programming languages like Java can be beneficial to become a successful mobile app developer. Along with that, learning about the native scripts can also help you to get a full-time job in this industry.

3. Binary programming

Earlier, a binary numbering system was used in just electronic processors and motherboards. But today, binary concepts are used in electronics, web development, algorithm development, mobile app development, and bitcoin development. Learning all the concepts about binary translator tool and binary programming can help get a job in this field.

A binary translator is nothing but a program that helps the techie to convert binary numbers to all the other major numbering systems like Octal, decimal, and hexadecimal. The biggest advantage of a binary number system is nothing but the size. Yes, binary occupies the least amount of memory on a device compared to another numbering system. For that reason, it has been widely used by a lot of developers over the year. Along with that, binary concepts are also used by the popular NoSQL database like MongoDB to store an image.

How to get started with binary translator programming?

The only best programming language for binary numbers in Javascript. If you want to develop your binary translator, then it is required to have a decent knowledge of Javascript front-end programming.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is also one of the most trending topics right now. You might have heard about the Iron dome air-defense system. This system uses Artificial Intelligence heavily. Whenever a missile system is fired, the Iron dome defense system predicts where this missile will land. If the missile has a higher chance of landing in a crowded area, then it will destroy it. This prediction is done with the help of Artificial intelligence. Along with that, Russia’s s-400 and s-500 missiles are also making news. According to a report, it took over six months for the Russian soldiers to understand this air-defense system completely.

So, there are a huge number of opportunities in this field. All you need to do is to learn about the concepts in detail. There are a few types of Artificial intelligence. These types are machine learning, deep learning, and data analytics. The most popular programming language for artificial intelligence is Python. It is an open-source programming language and for the particular AI topic, there are plenty of other libraries available. So, training a machine learning model with the help of the Python programming language is easy.

4. Internet of things programming

Due to this covid-crisis the market of internet of things has not grown in last one year. But in the coming years, all the Internet of Things products will be trending on the user’s list. To learn about the concepts of the internet of things all you need to learn is either Python or Node.js. Both of these languages are trending in this market and you will find a suitable full-time job if you have a decent knowledge of these languages.

5. Data Science

The field of Data science is very much connected with Artificial Intelligence. Data science is the mixture of both data analytics and python programming language. Right now, you do not need to learn any programming language to become a good data scientist. There are plenty of tools that can easily be implemented with Python and one does not need to be good at Python or Node.js.

So, these are the top six trending fields in computer science. If you want to make a successful career in this field, then choosing one of these fields can get you a high-paying full-time job easily. After reading this article, if you want to solve your doubts then do not hesitate to ask us a question. We would be glad to solve your doubts.

Malaya Mathur
Malaya Mathur
Malaya Mathur is working as a senior student counselor and she has experience of around 9 years. During these nine years, she has studied different industries and job trends. Here, in this article, she shares her experience of working in this field.
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