Top busylight benefits for commercial entities

Commercial entities stand much to gain when they invest in a comprehensive busylight software program.

This is a piece of technology that manages to combine digital proficiency with practical demands, not an easy task in the current landscape.

Those managers who have thought about improving their communication framework won’t be short of options when scouring the market, but this product secures the best results whilst not blowing out the budget of the organisation.

Let us discuss what benefits can be enjoyed when installing the busylight.

Full and complete customisation

The busylight starts out through a standardised model. However, this is a digitised asset that can be altered and tweaked according to consumer preferences. From the regular red light for unavailable, green for available and generic ring tone, this program can shift at the touch of a button. Perhaps there are unique colour codes that are particular to an enterprise or there is a need to increase the sound or boost the light proficiency for an active and raucous environment. If that is the case, there is the need to customise – a feature of the program that is available to the customer.

Assisting team environments

A busy workplace is an environment that can see a lot of activity occurring simultaneously, but that does not mean that there cannot be errors and miscommunication that hampers performance. When intersecting departments are missing out on calls and relaying wrong messages, there is a need to call upon busylight software applications to close the gap and restore commercial standards. From the marketing team to the executive operators, accountants, customer service representatives and off site agents, there has to be a framework that allows for clarity within and between the respective parties.

Variety of locations and applications

The busylight program is far from a one-size-fits-all piece of technology. By alerting users to incoming calls and notifying others in the vicinity about the nature of the call and their real time status, individuals can tap into their standard desktop at the office, their laptop in the break room or with a tablet that is used for professionals on the go or at home. In 2019 there are professionals who are forced to operate out of different settings all the time as pressures and logistical issues over the course of a working week. That flexibility will be helpful for businesses who see employees shifting between applications and locations.

Boosting productivity levels

Working with less distractions as all team members work to their optimum level is a nice sentiment, but how can that target actually be achieved? Well the busylight program was crafted to meet that exact challenge directly. Amid all of the hustle and bustle of a professional space where couriers, assistants, managers and IT workers are crossing paths and inserting themselves into a daily routine, it can be difficult for some operators to keep their focus on the task at hand. By having tangible alerts that deliver notifications audibly and visually, those moments of oversight diminish.

Enhancing the caller experience

Missed calls are a metric that managers and executives focus on to judge employee performance internally, but this is an issue that extends far beyond the simple connection between the lines. The busylight program offers companies the chance to not only combat this issue directly but ensure that a response can be prompt, that the specialist on the end of the phone is responsive and their attention is not diverted, and that the overall quality of the call can be optimised. Consumers vote with their dollars and their feet, so a lack of care in this domain will impact the bottom line of the company.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Executive Editor at Best in Australia. Mike has spent over a decade covering news related to business leaders and entrepreneurs around Australia and across the world. You can contact Mike here.
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