Top 5 ways to improve your customer support

When you first go to a restaurant or make a purchase at a store, what is one thing you remember the most? Their customer service. As technology continues to evolve, purchases are increasingly being done online and service issues are being resolved over the phone. 

However, people are still relying on older landline phones and old phone networking systems that are often unreliable. Calls are dropped, there’s often static or background noise and time zones can also cause issues on hours of availability. Call centers are often more expensive in the western world and are being moved to other locations such as India or China. 

So how do you cut down on these costs? How do you get rid of static or dropped calls once and for all? How can you communicate with other countries without ridiculous fees?

Here are the top 5 ways you can improve your customer support. 

1. Use a call center software

Call center software is not just for a regular call center. When you picture your typical call center, you may picture several agents frantically picking up phones as soon as they ring. All of the agents are sitting in the same, chaotic, office and calls are often lost. When you call them, you may be on hold for hours. However, with a virtual call center software, calls are taking place online. You are also able to send messages, emails, and configure how and when callers are able to reach you. The best part? Agents can be located anywhere in the world, whether it’s sitting at home, a local coffee shop, or a completely different part of the world. This is because a Call Center Software can be used by simply opening up an online browser, or using a specific app on your phone. 

With call center software, you are able to configure how long someone is on hold until they reach a voicemail message. Or, you can redirect their call to the next available agent that is knowledgeable on the specific issue they’re having. With a call center software, you’ll no longer miss a call and your customer support will improve significantly. Your clients will definitely take notice. 

Top 5 ways to improve your customer support
Photo: Bruce Mars, Pexels.

2. Use WebRTC technology

WebRTC stands for web real-time communication. WebRTC is an open-source framework that allows you to make outgoing calls online. It allows you to use audio and video to communicate online. How can this improve your customer support? With WebRTC, you can see and speak to a client or customer face-to-face to help direct them with any issues or questions they may have. This can help provide a much more personal experience with your customers and they don’t have to leave their home to get any service.  

Not only does it improve your customer support, but it also can help cut costs. By being able to visually see your customers, you no longer need to take a trip to an office to help assist them with their needs. 

3. Use a virtual PBX

Virtual PBX stands for Virtual Private Branch Exchange. Traditionally, a PBX is a phone system that uses ISDN or analog phones to make calls. Today, many people also use IP phones that are also channeled through the internet. However, purchasing these phones and installing lines is expensive. The installation and maintenance? Also extremely expensive. This is why so many people are moving their call centers overseas. However, if you have a virtual PBX, none of these fees would be relevant. You can make calls on your phone or your computer so you no longer have to invest in physical phones. You can also adjust extensions and agents associated with a number quickly and efficiently. 

By using a virtual PBX, your customer service will improve because you no longer accidentally call agents who no longer work in the company. You no longer have to worry about missing calls because all of these calls can be viewed online. Virtual PBX is the future of traditional PBX phone systems that are now becoming obsolete. 

Top 5 ways to improve your customer support
Photo: Bruce Mars, Pexels.

4. Have multiple virtual international phone numbers

Imagine being able to call anyone, from anywhere in the world, without ridiculous service fees. Imagine customers being able to call you as well without being charged these fees. Now, with virtual international phone numbers, this is possible. There are companies that provide virtual phone numbers from any country of your choice, despite where you are currently located. This means if your company is located in the United States but you have clients in Spain, you can contact them using a Spanish phone number, regardless of where you are located during the call. 

Your customer support will improve drastically since your customers won’t have to worry about being charged extra whenever they need assistance. They will also be relieved when they see they can get “local” help by calling a number associated with their area code. 

5. Have a “click to speak” option on your website

Click to speak is essentially just a simple button you can add to your website so clients can make a call. They won’t have to search for your business number on the website or type any number on their phone. With a click to speak option, they may call you directly online without having to worry about being charged any fees. They can also call you from any country in the world without needing to search for your business number specifically from their country.

Click to speak options on your website may provide the easiest way for customers or clients to get customer support. Not only can they get the help that they need instantly, but they can also browse through your site in the meantime. 

In conclusion, all of these options will not only improve your customer support, but they will also increase the quality of calls and the attention you provide to each client. 

Today, there are many more strategies not included that can help improve your customer support. However, the more you focus on their needs, the more likely they will take an interest in what you have to offer.

These are just some tips for achieving the best customer support for your business. Help your company stand out from the competition today!

Usman Raza
Usman Raza
Usman Raza is the co-founder of a faith-based company and marketing strategist working with various brands online, and the content marketing manager at a wp customization company, Mentors for SEO, A.I.M. for High Ground, 2SecondPrayer, and The Dressing Table. He is devoted to helping small businesses bridge success gaps by providing in-depth, actionable advice on digital marketing, SEO, and small business growth. Follow him on Twitter @usmanintrotech.
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