Coaching secrets for achieving all your dreams from a top NLP coach

Coaching is something many get into because of their desire to achieve more in life or business. What tends to hold people back from achieving incredible success once they’re having coaching is the follow through which solidifies work done with their coach. Of course, there are various levels of ability with coaches, as a coaching client you are however always responsible for your results.

Having done coaching for over two decades, and certified as a master practitioner in NLP since 2005, many I work with have come to regard me as one of the top coaches around. These coaching secrets which are about to be shared with you work. When you apply them effectively you’ll notice an amazing difference in your ability to achieve your desired results.

Coaching secret #1 letting go and reframing negatives for positive learning

Most coaches agree, when clients are focused on negative thoughts, or negative memories, they create greater negativity within their lives.

For most doing some level of personal development, which coaching most definitely counts as, the law of attraction has likely been encountered. It exists in various forms, through different statements across many cultures, it all boils down to energy flowing where intention goes though.

When you are thinking about negative things, or feeling negative emotions, then your energy is flowing into that. Accordingly, by having your energy and focus in that way, your mind believes that you wish more of it in your life. Thus you begin attracting more of it. Something wish is hugely counter productive for anyone getting coaching so they can enjoy better results.

While stopping things from the past happening again is good, holding onto all their associated negativity only serves to attract more of the same. Hence why coaches often encounter clients with repetitive cycles in their lives, because they hold on so tightly believing in doing so they will help themselves avoid things, while in actual fact when they let go effectively they will open a flood gate of possibility instead.

For many going through coaching, their coaches often lack certain skills needed for actually facilitating that emotional release. Which is where techniques such as Time Line Therapy® provide incredible value.

Coaching yourself, or being coached through emotional release, using Time Line Therapy® gives you an opportunity for wiping the slate clean.

Imagine all negative emotion disappearing from you in under one hour.

It’s possible when using Time Line Therapy, either within coaching sessions or on your own when you’re comfortable at home. As negative emotion disappears from you, all the energy that was being used to repress it until it could be dealt with, becomes available for other things. In coaching clients I have witnessed this help them achieve goals faster, and heal more effectively. Within myself I have seen those same results, yes even as a coach I still go through life challenges, thankfully less and less now though.

With Time Line Therapy® one very beautiful thing is that within the process, you automatically gain all those learnings which your unconscious mind needs so that it can empower you to higher levels in life. Those events still happened, though with all the negative emotion gone, and learnings taken, they have far less impact on you. You can fly free of them, and onto achieving those things you desire in life a much higher degree of ease. Which is why coaching sessions using Time Line Therapy®, or coaching yourself through letting go yourself using this technique, is so highly recommended. It vastly empowers your ability to achieve successful outcomes.

If you’re still caught in a negative situation, never be afraid of empowering yourself through walking away either, it could be the very thing you need. Sometimes things we thought were supposed to last a lifetime, were only there in order to learn certain lessons. You can create better for yourself when you give yourself freedom to do so through letting go.

Mathematically this is a point of efficiency, the less which holds you back, the easier you can move forward. The less your energy is divided, the more it can be applied to where you want it. Success becomes easier after you let go, and can focus your energy more effectively. So coaching yourself into letting go effectively is seriously empowering.

Coaching secret #2 being mindful in every moment mastering your own mind

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Being mindful, practicing mindfulness, rarely gets encouraged strongly enough in coaching. Coaching yourself into becoming mindful on a constant basis opens a wealth of empowerment for those who do so.

How is being mindful so important for you? Coaching yourself into being mindful all the time is about creating efficiency.

As with letting go, there is a mathematical point here, efficiency.

With less distraction, be that through allowing your mind to wander, or more importantly stopping it from straying into negative thinking, you become empowered into focusing more on your goals and dreams. Which by extension means your energy flows to those things more effectively. As mentioned, energy flows where intention goes.

Being fully mindful does require a degree of self coaching. It is a different way of being for most people. That level of mindful activity is in contrast with how much of society thinks and acts, thus you are coaching yourself into a different mindset in becoming properly mindful of yourself, as well as what is going on.

Over time various personal development experts have extolled the virtues of spending at least as long focusing on what you wish to achieve, as on negative thinking, establishing a balance which can leverage your dreams into grasp. Napoleon Hill goes into this numerous times within Think and Grow Rich, so you can be sure that many of those who are truly successful, and have been through history, flow with this line of thinking.

Coaching yourself into being mindful actually gives you an opportunity to extend beyond what is advised by Napoleon Hill though. While balance is good, tipping that balance so more is flowing into positive creation, more energy and intent flowing into dream actualization, enables manifestation of that dream more quickly, plus more efficiently.

This is about coaching yourself consciously into holding positive belief and view on what you’re doing.

Every time you catch your mind slipping, being mindful, coach yourself through transitioning your thought back into that crystalline visualization of that positive outcome you desire. Importantly, keeping that visualization consistent, you can build on it for sure, though adapting it and changing it constantly just creates confusion in your unconscious mind as to what you’re doing. Coaching yourself through refinement of that vision is good though.

Every time you feel, or sense your thoughts slipping, pause, refresh your intent and thought as to where you are heading and what you are achieving.

Then coach yourself through your vision, slipping into that point in the future when you have just experienced achievement of your dream. Seeing everything you would in that moment, as will be on that point of achievement. Coaching yourself in this way creates a powerful resource within your unconscious. From an NLP perspective your unconscious mind is unable to tell the difference between then and now, it experiences purely the emotion and sensation.

There has been a lot of work done on this, with various studies showing how the mind is unable to distinguish between reality and visualization, or dream. Your unconscious processes all in the same way. Hence why people can become crippled by anxiety, it is a future based negative emotion based on expectation of negative outcome. So if anxiety can cripple a person into failure. Imagine how coaching yourself with constant return into a positive visualization of success can impact your ability for achieving success. Studies with sports teams have shown visualization of shooting perfect hoops in basketball had a greater effect than pure practice. This is the same.

Get into the habit of coaching yourself into being mindful on a constant basis, and also coach yourself into regular positive visualization of that successful outcome you desire. The effects are incredible.

Coaching secret #3 over-ruling your beliefs of the present and past with what you’re creating

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This third coaching secret for establishing successful achievement of dreams is one which people can find challenging. Over-ruling your conscious experience of current or past events requires real discipline. However, it does bring serious reward when you’re successful in coaching yourself into doing it.

Values and beliefs are what shape our experience of reality, they are also what cause reality to appear as it does around us, as well as what we attract to ourselves. This link very closely with the law of attraction, with energy flowing where intention goes. For example within values, when love is absent as a top value in relationships, or money is absent as a top value within business, then people struggle to experience those things, often having challenges as a result.

Equally well, people often believe that what they have experienced in the past, gives indication as to their future.

Only if you choose for that to be the case is it true though.

This is why Coaching Secret #1 letting go of the past is so important, it gives you opportunity to break free from old patterns, so you can establish fresh beliefs that bring better results. Coaching yourself into establishing better belief systems requires focus, hence also why becoming mindful is so empowering. Yes, this does all link together, in a very beautiful way.

Changing beliefs, unless you’re using certain NLP techniques, does require a mindful level of constant coaching. Even when having NLP based coaching, exercising that self-discipline of coaching yourself through more empowering beliefs in each moment is a good thing.

Here most find challenge in what they are sensing and perceiving, compared with that reality they are creating within their mind. Empowering belief versus what they are experiencing as evidence from reality. Constant focus on existing results is only going to bring more of the same though. So coaching yourself into ignoring present results, in favour of establishing future results is vital.

Many of the world’s top coaches, and other people like Dr. Joe Dispenza, discuss how vital this is when establishing successful life change and dream achievement.

Coaching yourself into control of your mind is your path to success

Coaching yourself through ignoring what is existing, plus coaching yourself through visualization of what you desire, sets about an interesting flow of change on a mindset level, where unconsciously become reshuffled in a way which actually supports that new reality in occurring. This is incredibly empowering for those who do it effectively, hence why coaching yourself into doing it is so worth your while. Especially when you’re using those first two coaching secrets effectively too.

Stephen Frost
Stephen Frost
Online Coaching was founded by Stephen Frost in 2019 out of a desire to ensure that people could access high quality coaching wherever they are in the world. Stephen is based in Brisbane where he helps businesses to create incredible success and business growth through his unique mixture of marketing and other business experience, plus his in-depth NLP coaching skills. Stephen certified as a Master Practitioner in NLP in 2005 and has lived and worked in three continents since then, always with a passion for helping people to achieve success and incredible results with the things which matter most to them, all through high performance NLP coaching.
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