Top 10 free things in Canberra ACT

Canberra is one of the few places across the world that offer some of the best and memorable experiences to travelers. You can always find something great to do in Canberra, whether it’s morning, night, weekdays or weekends. The best part is that most of those activities are free. You get to have the best time of your life without spending a cent.

The city has had some major improvements that now make it more interesting for both locals and tourists alike. From fashion and entertainment to food and culture, you can always find something you like in the city. These activities are also great for singles and families. If you’re wondering what the top 10 free things in Canberra ACT are, then below are some ideas.

1. Australian Botanic Gardens

Top 10 Free Things in Canberra ACT Australian Botanic Gardens
National Botanical Gardens rainforest tour, Canberra. Source: Fir0002, Wikimedia Commons.

Australia has some of the rarest plants in the world. The botanic garden is the perfect place to learn about all of them as you enjoy their beauty. The garden also has some of the rare rocks that have been sourced from the red desert. You’ll see different species in their natural habitat as well as those that have been brought in from other places. You get to see all these for free as you enjoy strolling along the walking trails with the most serene surrounding.

2. Australian War Memorial

Top 10 Free Things in Canberra ACT Australian War Memorial
Australian War Memorial in Canberra. Source: Capital photographer, Wikimedia Commons.

The Australian War Memorial has had a lot of changes that makes it better than before. A visit here is totally free and you’ll have a deeper insight into the way Australia experienced the war and also see some archives that are very moving. The main goal of the memorial is to honor Australians who died in war. You get to pay your respects as you’re given free tours and you can also watch the archives in form of videos and paintings. There’s also a ceremony every evening for you to be part of. The memorial is a great place to learn and have fun at the same time, and it is perfect for both children and adults. Kids can explore the Discovery Zone as you enjoy activities in other sections of the memorial.

3. Lake Burley Griffin

Top 10 Free Things in Canberra ACT Lake Burley Griffin
Lake Burley Griggin from Black Mountain Tower, Australia. Source: JJ Harrison, Wikimedia Commons.

Lake Burley Griffin has the most diverse entertainment options for everyone who visits. Apart from having the “Boundless” playground, you will also find Captain Cook Memorial Jet and the National Carillon. The National Capital Exhibit and the Blundells cottage are also here, giving you more options to choose from. The only downside is that the jet only operates between 2pm and 4pm.

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5. Deep Space Communication Complex

Top 10 Free Things in Canberra ACT Deep Space Communication Complex
The Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex. Source: Robert Kerton, CSIRO, Wikimedia Commons.

This makes it possible for you to experience NASA’s Deep Space Complex in Australia. You’ll get to experience a set up of several antennas with huge satellite dishes that are used to support space missions. The Space Center on the ground floor of the complex will help you understand the role Australia is playing in space exploration while antenna network gives you excellent views of the southern hemisphere. You’ll also get to see images of the solar system, see one of the oldest moon pieces, discover the food eaten in space and also see some of the spacecraft models.

6. Depot markets

Top 10 Free Things in Canberra ACT Depot Markets
Source: Megan Markham, Pexels.

The Old Bus Depot Markets will help you understand the local culture by interacting with the locals as you sample of the handmade goods. You’ll find jewelry, food, clothing, and other handcrafted items from the multiple stalls in the market. It’s best to visit the market on Sundays because that’s when everything is enhanced. A combination of different tastes, colors and sounds await you as you interact with the locals and learn more about their culture.

7. Royal Australian Mint

Top 10 Free Things in Canberra ACT Royal Australia Mint
Photo: PDH, Wikimedia Commons.

For those who have an interest in learning where Australian coins came from, the Royal Australian Mint is the best place for you to visit. You’ll learn about the production process and the role robots play. You can also explore the National Coon Collection and discover the role coins play in the region’s history. You can also explore the mementos and collectibles as you make your own one dollar coin. This place may not be ideal for younger children because it requires a higher comprehension level.

8. Australian National Arboretum

Top 10 Free Things in Canberra ACT Australian National Arboretum
The Canberra National Arboretum (bottom), with Telstra Tower, Canberra ACT Australia. Source: Thennicke, Wikimedia Commons.

The Arboretum is home to some of the rare trees in Australia. As well as other parts of the globe. The grounds themselves can be seen from Telstra Tower with 94 forests, you will have enough tree species to learn about. There are driveways and walking trails, and bike trails that allow you to use different modes of transportation as you explore the Arboretum. In addition to natural beauty, there are also living artworks in some parts. Children can have fun at the Playground, where they can make music, slip down tube slides, clamber across climbing nests and hide in the acorn cubbies.

9. Canberra Glass Works

As the only place dedicated to different types of glasswork arts, you’ll see a wide range of artistic skills through some of the best exhibits. It gives local artists a place to showcase their talents and skills, and they never disappoint. You can also try out your skills if you like.

10. National Gallery of Australia

Top 10 Free Things in Canberra ACT National Gallery of Australia
The National Gallery of Australia. Image taken from the south-west. Source: Thennicke, Wikimedia Commons

The National Gallery of Australia has different sections with some of the charging fee. Located on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, you can still enjoy most of what the gallery offers. The permanent galleries are the free ones with a lot of archives to explore, and you can also enjoy the unique architectural designs of the place. The gallery also has a new game that kids can play in groups of four.


Canberra also has other options for you to try, but the ones above are bound to give you the memorable experience you’re looking for. It’s advised you check the opening and closing hours of each institution before showing up because they all have specific working hours, even though they operate seven days a week. Enjoy the fascinating aspects that each institution offers during the day and explore the nightlife of Canberra at night. The entertainment sector has also improved tremendously, so you’re bound to have a good time.

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Ban Mclnerney
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