Promoting your art on social media: Is it worth your efforts?

The modern world is rapidly transcending into the virtual plane, which changes different spheres of our lives. Nowadays, your social media is an inseparable part of your personality which represents you online. 

Artists are no exception to this rule. Even if they are adepts at traditional art, the digital world is still infusing with their lives. The main way in which this is happening is by artists trying to promote their art on social media. 

However, is it really worth the effort?

It generates more exposure for your business

First of all, promoting your art online can help you build brand awareness for your brand, which is essentially yourself and your works. If you put effort into making your art known to the world, you will inevitably receive some sort of feedback and get the recognition you deserve.

If you get familiar with all the tools that help you promote your art on social media such as SEO tools, cooperation with social media influencers and other things, and manage to apply them successfully, you will get greater exposure and let the world see your art. By generating traffic and getting more people to see your artwork, especially if you market to your target audience, you will have more people willing to buy your art, which in turn is a profit for you. 

Moreover, you being active on social media increases the level of trust in you. Different studies show that people tend to lean more to the things they hear about a lot. 

You can grow a fan base

Apart from that, by trying to promote your art and attracting people to see what you create, you will inevitably find someone who is genuinely interested in your style and wants to see more. Devoted fans are the best asset any artist could wish for since their support is truly inspirational.

Networking brings new opportunities for you as an artist

Even though artists are often associated with lonely wolves who do not really interact with each other and are always busy creating their next masterpiece, it is not actually true in the modern world realities. Nowadays, networking is extremely important for any artist that wants to sell and be successful.

By promoting your art, you can reach out to influential people and make new valuable connections that will help you in the future. 

All of the aforementioned factors are really important for artists who are interested in turning their art into a profitable business. However, just like anything else, promoting your art on social media has another side of the medal, too. There is a certain set of disadvantages to it that can make artists question whether it is even worth their efforts to try and advertise their work online. The most convincing arguments against it include the following:

It distracts you from actually doing art

Appealing to the public online is not exactly the easiest thing to do, especially when the public is spoilt rotten with information and content.

Essentially, the Internet is an endless stream of various content that does not stop even for a split second nor does it obey any rules. Different people from all around the world unite together to exchange their ideas, thoughts, and work. Moreover, all of this happens in real-time and with thousands of participants. Every single moment a new idea is born, a new piece of art is created, and a new post is uploaded on social media. 

Simply by taking those factors into consideration, you can imagine how many ideas are currently being in circulation online. It almost seems like no matter what you come up with, something similar to it not only has already appeared in someone else’s head but has also been brought to life a long time ago. 

Indeed, social media is full of creative stuff, most of which is of pretty decent quality. Therefore, unless your art is something genuinely unheard of before, unique and weird to the point where it is self-advertising, you will have to put a lot of effort into trying to promote it.

Just like anything else, when it comes to social media, art turns into a subject of social media marketing and needs to be treated accordingly. Simply posting your art on your page is not enough. What you want to do is turn your art into engaging content that would create a lot of traffic and attract the target audience to interact with your social media profile.

In order to do so, you need to identify your target audience first, create their profile, and learn what is that they are interested in. While art most definitely belongs to a product-oriented market, you still need to be aware of the market needs so that you could conduct your promotion successfully. 

This, however, can be rather time-consuming and exhausting. If you are trying to promote your art yourself, you may end up being too invested in the marketing process to the point where you forget about the fact that you are an artist, to begin with. 

It can be quite costly

However, if you delegate the promotion activities to a specifically trained person instead of doing it yourself, it could turn out to be rather costly. Good agencies and the top individual SMM manager will be likely to get your job done and make your art popular but will request a small fortune for their work. 

To sum it up, promoting your art on social media can be quite hard and tedious work. It requires a lot of effort and some knowledge. Alternatively, it requires a lot of money to hire someone to promote it for you. Nonetheless, the results of such promotion are well worth the efforts. Social media is a great instrument for any artist since it provides them with a platform to build brand image, connect with their fans and network!


Louis Robidous
Louis Robidous
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