Top 10 Christmas gifts for the women in your life

Figuring out the perfect gift can be an ordeal, especially if you’re unsure about what the person’s interests are. But taking the time and care to source something special is worth it; a well-chosen gift can strengthen your relationship and bolster feelings of trust, gratitude and empathy.

So how do you determine the right gift to give? Having a look at the options on The Gift Hacker is a good start, because you can be confident that they will have something that she will like! If she’s into working out, makeup, accessories, travel or any of a huge range of useful gadgets, you will be able to find something that she will love and use all the time.

Here’s a list of the top 10 Christmas gifts for women:


Think yoga retreats, skydiving and snorkelling tours. While a physical gift may only offer temporary happiness, an experience is something that will entertain for a lot longer – and the memories are priceless.

Unlike physical gifts, which may run the risk of being unwanted (or already owned), an experience is something that nearly everyone will appreciate (of course, consider whether or not the person has a health condition, phobia or personality that may impact their ability to enjoy certain experiences, such as bungee jumping). Some examples of experience gifts include:

  • Theatre or movie tickets
  • Meditation and yoga retreats
  • Whale watching cruises
  • Arts & crafts classes
  • Rally car racing
  • Hot air ballooning

If you know that the woman you are buying for is into experiences that you can’t afford or don’t know much about, why not get her something that will be useful or help in those experiences? The Gift Hacker features useful travel gadgets, as well as clothes like heated tops that might not be great for Australia, but are perfect for travelling to colder climates!

Beauty & Fashion

Top 10 Christmas gifts for the women in your life
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Given that the vast majority of women use make-up at least occasionally, it goes without saying that picking a beauty-related gift is a sensible idea (assuming she’s into it). When buying a beauty & fashion-related gift, it’s important to consider the person’s age and brand preferences.

Consider purchasing a brand that she already uses to increase the likelihood that she’ll appreciate it. And if you aren’t sure what specific brand the lady you are buying for prefers, check out the beauty and fashion ranges on The Gift Hacker for inspiration, and pick one that you believe she will like – you probably know her better than you think anyway!

Typically for more mature women, gifts like scarves and more neutral scents and shades work best. Some examples of beauty & fashion gifts include:

  • Perfumes
  • Nail polish
  • Make-up
  • Clothing
  • Handbags
  • Jewellery
  • Lingerie
  • Pampering (e.g. facial masks and slippers)


Useful gifts such as laptop cases and noise-cancelling headphones are usually greatly appreciated, as they offer practical value. Given that most people spend 1/3 of their lives at work, a gift that can improve productivity or make a person’s work life easier will be highly prized. Some examples of work-related gifts include:

  • High-quality stationary (e.g. journals, calendars and cases)
  • Artsy office décor (e.g. a bonsai tree)
  • Productivity and business books
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Technology (e.g. a natural alarm clock or portable charger)

Food & Drink

We all love to eat; therefore, you can’t go wrong with gifting food or drink! It’s worth noting that dining experiences are valued more than actual food and drink items, so if you can afford to take the person out, do so. Alternatively, cook-books and cooking gadgets also make great gifts (more so for younger women than older women).  Some examples of food and drink-related gifts include:

  • Restaurant/dining experiences
  • Handmade chocolates
  • Cook-books
  • Cooking gadgets and appliances (e.g. pressure cookers and coffee machines)
  • Fine wine or other alcoholic beverages


Top 10 Christmas gifts for the women in your life
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The wellness industry is booming, and there’s never been a better time to join the bandwagon. Wellness gifts can be a great way to help improve a person’s levels of happiness, fitness and overall health and wellbeing.

Consider whether or not the person is already interested in certain wellness practices, such as yoga or aromatherapy – you may want to buy them a gift related to their interests. The Gift Hacker plenty of wellness and lifestyle products and accessories, if you need ideas. Some examples of wellness gifts include:

  • Yoga-related (e.g. yoga mat or yoga classes)
  • Meditation-related (e.g. subscription to a meditation app or meditation retreat pass)
  • Health food cook-books
  • Exercise gear (e.g. joggers, dumbbells or workout attire)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Kitchen appliances (e.g. juicer or blender)
  • Subscription to a wellness magazine
  • BPA-free, filtered water bottle
  • Gadgets (e.g. fitness tracker)


Giving a personalised gift related to the person’s interests and hobbies is ideal, as long as you get it right. When giving a hobby-related gift, make sure you do your research. Is the person passionate about photography? Buy them a drone or a new lens. Are they fascinated by birds? Buy them binoculars or a bird guide book. Do they love to paint? Buy them high-quality paints, paintbrushes or canvases. The possible options for hobby-related gifts are endless, but as a rule, try to make sure the gift is something they’ll like and don’t already own.


Finding the perfect gifts for the women in your life doesn’t have to be difficult. The Gift Hacker provides a range of gift ideas to suit everybody (even pets!); whether you want to give personalised or luxury presents to the women in your life, you’re sure to find exactly what you need, along with plenty of other great ideas to keep in reserve.

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Christian Woods
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