Tips to promoting Instagram baby clothes for Mums

There are few greater social media platforms where mums are able to promote their line of handmade items for their babies than Instagram.

It is a friendly, inviting, creative and open space where new concepts and materials are easily brandished and promoted without any need to be concerned about so many of the hang-ups that mainstream brands are consumed by.

While being considered an influencer might appear out of reach, this is an objective that is achievable on a local level.

Here we will outline a number of key tips for young mums who want to sell their creations through this terrific social media hub.

Wearing the brand

While it is beneficial to have a line of clothes photographed in isolation for consumers to examine, the best approach to take when promoting Instagram baby clothes is to have the child wear the item. These items are designed for the young boys and girls at the end of the day, so it is beneficial to have them showcasing the goods. By mixing and matching still photographs with a variety of filter profiles to videos and IG stories with TikTok content, promoting the Instagram baby clothes with the ‘models’ wearing the brand is essential.

Consumer incentives

Rather than the mum doing all of the hard work off their own accord, promoting Instagram baby clothes should be a process that leverages the following of the account. By offering promotions, prizes, discounts and seasonal giveaways, it is easy to leverage a campaign if followers are incentivised to do so. This can be showcased with reposts, likes and purchases – offering constituents a chance to push the agenda of the brand through their own communities and invest more of their business into the product.

Consistent & interactive hashtag selection

For the sake of brand consistency and allowing others to get in on the fun with the line of Instagram baby clothes, it is important to provide a hashtag selection that is consistent and interactive. From initials to catch phrases and clever wordplay selections, this is a fun and creative way of letting other followers tag the account and introduce their circle of followers in on the action as well. It is worthwhile avoiding a barrage of hashtags below the post however, avoiding an elongated barrage of text that can erode from the central campaign.

Respond to followers

Should the Instagram baby clothes campaign begin to gain traction, them mums are always best placed when they showcase their responsiveness to prospective clients. If they have questions in the comments section or slide into the DMS to make requests or to send feedback, these shoppers will appreciate the urgency of a quick response to illustrate that they are active and have the interests of the customer at heart. That type of activity is the best means of garnering loyalty to the brand, a concept that even applies to Instagram participants.

Regular content is great content

The need to promote Instagram baby clothes is essentially a modern marketing tool that upholds the same principles as radio spots, television commercials, print media posts, billboards and any other form of advertising. Whether it is small mittens, exotic garments, hats, sunglasses or a comfortable set of onesies, it is worthwhile creating regular content through traditional posts or IG stories. The content can be cross promoted through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube to grow the reach of the product, but being present on a daily basis will keep the brand front of mind for followers.


The great news for mums promoting their creations for Instagram baby clothes is that the phenomenon is still quite new. Different features and innovations are taking place every few months, so it is worthwhile keeping track of other influencers in this market and see what cool tricks they come up with to drive interactions and most importantly – sales!

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Executive Editor at Best in Australia. Mike has spent over a decade covering news related to business leaders and entrepreneurs around Australia and across the world. You can contact Mike here.
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