Guide to buying trendy baby shorts

Whether you’re shopping for your future child or looking for a gift to give a newborn, baby shorts are a great idea. Practical, fun and adorable, they’re wonderful regardless of whether it’s a girl or a boy.

But how do you go about finding the perfect pair? This article covers everything from fabric to where to shop for them.


Let’s start with the basics – what size baby shorts should you choose? You want something that the infant will fit into, but which they won’t outgrow within a few weeks. It’s generally advised to buy one size bigger than the infant’s current size to give them a chance to grow into them. Plus, at such a young age, it generally won’t matter if they’re a little big.

However, do consider the season – baby shorts will be worn in the springtime and summertime, so if you’re planning on giving them out during winter, make sure you select a larger size so they will still fit by the time the warmer months arrive.


Infants tend to have sensitive skin, so it’s important that the clothes you give them are made of a gentle fabric. The following types of fabric are considered safest for infants to wear (bonus points if they’re organic, too):

  • Cotton
  • Fleece
  • Gauze
  • Jersey knit
  • Muslin
  • Broadcloth
  • Bamboo rayon
  • Voile

And of course, no matter which you end up buying, make sure the item is prewashed before the infant wears it to prevent any irritation (especially if it’s not organic).


Now comes the tricky part – choosing a style! With so many fun baby shorts to choose from, it can be tempting to buy two (or even three) pairs. Some of the things to consider are:


The gender of the infant may be something that factors into your decision. If it’s a girl, you may want to buy something frilly, high-waisted and colourful, whereas if it’s a boy you might want to opt for a darker colour, or denim (though it’s totally up to you – feel free to mix things up!).


Your colour options for baby shorts are virtually limitless. White is a lovely colour for both casual and formal wear, whereas bright, bold colours like red, pink and blue can work well for casual looks.


Are you looking for casual wear, or something more formal? Denim, linen, skorts or cargo styles are good go-to’s for casual looks, whereas chinos and tailored styles (some skorts can work well, too) are better as smart-casual wear.


Make sure you set yourself a budget in advance to prevent overspending. If you’re on a small budget, consider shopping for your baby shorts at second-hand stores or online, or shop during a sale period. If you’re on a higher budget, you might want to visit an up-market store – though if you want to save a bit of money, check out their sale rack. If buying an expensive item, consider if it’s good value – will it be worn regularly enough to justify the price, or will it only be worn once?

Where to shop

Again, your decision on where to shop for baby shorts will depend on your budget – high budgets might want to shop at up-market and/or boutique stores, whereas lower budgets might want to shop at bargain or second-hand stores. Local shops are convenient, however if you happen to be on holidays or visiting a new location, consider it a great opportunity to shop for something more unique.

Mike Smith
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