Tips to keep the floor warm in winter

Winter is here, and the chilly nights are best to have a cup of hot chocolate and watching Netflix while feeling cozy in the blanket. But this winter can turn your home into an igloo, especially because of the ice-cold floor. It is pretty hard to walk bare feet on the floor in winters.

The sudden coldness is unbearable, but what can you do rather than wearing socks and a sliding slipper? Much more than this, there are some flooring heating tools that can help you to keep your house floor warm that you can buy in-store and online stores.

And also, to tackle down your cold home flooring, we got you some tips that are proven and best. You can use them and enjoy a warm and walkable floor in minutes.

So let’s get started with the tips.


Rugs are not only meant to style your floor but to keep the floor warm too. Use fabric that lessens the effects of moisture in the air. There are different designs and colors available in the market to make a choice. In addition, there are many online stores from where you can easily get rugs that suit your preferences. Although the discounts and deals on those rugs can help you to save money too.

A fireplace would be perfect

This is an old, vintage and bookish thing to place a fireplace in your living room. But this option will instantly work and not only keep the floor warm but the whole room. Although this option is a little costly too because firewoods are expensive, but we have an alternative for that too.

Nowadays, there are many options available such as you can install an electric fireplace if you don’t have time to build a fire.

Also, it will enhance the look of your living room. Match the fireplace with your house decoration to get the best attention and enjoy the winter nights.


Insulation can save you from unnecessary winds, which makes your home cooler. Insulate your house properly before winter, so you have a trouble-free winter. Try to fill in all the gaps that are visible and also invisible. You can use the help of an HVAC professional for that.

The most prominent area for insulation is gaps between the tiles, marbles, wooden squares, ceiling joints, doors, between the baseboards, areas around the kitchenette and foundation of windows.

Turn off the exhaust fan

You know the reason why you install an exhaust fan; to keep the warm air out of the house. This is the best tool to keep your home cool in summer. But this little fan can help you in warming your house too by turning it off.

This will restrict the fan that pushes the hot air out of the house. It also lessens the moisture that helps in warming the floor.

The thermal break

A thermal break can be your savior in winter. The thermal tiles are great and keep the floor at least 8 degrees warmer in winter. This break installed directly right above the foundation decreases the upward seeping of coldness (mostly at nights). These tiles are subfloor and can be installed with normal tiles to keep the floor warm. These thermal breaks are a one-time investment. They are also an excellent alternative to underfloor heating.

Set the ceiling fan to rotate clockwise

This life hack is best and cost-free. The fans usually rotate anti-clockwise that pushing the hot air upwards and cool air downwards. But in winter you like hot air more. For this, set your fan to rotate clockwise at a lower speed. This will help to keep your floor warm. This simple lifehack will save you from moving on that cold floor. Or you don’t have to wear double layers of socks when the temperature drops.

Shut the doors

The most basic way to keep the floor warm is to shut the doors. Especially the kitchen door because here is where most of the moisture lies. So it’s better to keep the doors closed. Also, if your floor has too much gap from the floor, you can use an air blocker to block any air to come and leave from the room. The air blocker can be a piece of board that underlies your door. Also, along with the doors, keep the window shut too. 

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is another way to keep your floor warm. And this is even better if you have wall-to-wall carpet on your floors. This will help to warm up the environment, and there is no way you will feel cold walking on the floor. More to that, extra blankets and cushion seating will add up more coziness and comfort.

The electric floor heater

The electric flooring is the best option if you have a small space or room. You can easily slip them beneath the rug or carpet. And this will let the floor warm for an extended period. You can pick an electric floor heater from the nearby shop or from any online store. It’s all up to you. The electric flooring might consume good electricity and be a bit costly. So whenever buying an electric floor heater, know about all of the features of the one you are buying.


So these are some of the tips to keep your house floor warm in winter. The simple tips are not that costly, and some of them are totally free. So this winter, you don’t have to worry about the icy cold floor. These tips got you well. Although some require one-time investment. But all of them are best in their own angle. Pick what goes best for you and enjoy the winter season with warm floors.

Soha Shakeel
Soha Shakeel
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