Update your home for spring with these fresh décor ideas

There is no doubt about it, season appropriate decorations are the absolute best way to usher in a new season. If you went through the spring cleaning tradition and have decluttered, cleaned and tidied up your place, it’s time for a makeover.

If your kitchen, living room or bedroom need a serious upgrade, our spring décor ideas will give you adequate inspiration to get the job done. These 21 ideas are not only super easy to duplicate, they are fresh and airy as they incorporate fresh colors and pastel accents  to dress up your home in Easter’s best.

Floral walls

No this isn’t a reinvention of your grandmothers flower blanket wall. This chic upgrade to the old fashioned look will become the accent piece where your kids want to take their epic Instagram photos. Pick a blank wall and change things up with simple peel and stick flowery wallpaper.

Swap your shower curtain

If your current bathroom décor isn’t easy to upgrade without a complete overhaul, this simple move will do the trick. Simply switching your old shower curtain out for a new look will give an illusion of massive change without much work done on your part.

Swap your art

It’s the same trick with the bathroom upgrade being applied here but with a little difference. If you already have a gallery, you might not have the energy or sources to switch out all the pictures but you can refresh the look by swapping a few pieces here and there. You can have special spring pieces to use during this season and replace them with something else when a new season comes around.

Reduce clutter with baskets

If you don’t want all the good hard work you just put into decluttering to be ruined before spring is over, introduce some baskets around the house to keep house members in check. They are not only great for storage, woven baskets can be decorated in bright colors with playful accents to go with the general spring theme.

Add colorful tableware

Your kitchen can also get a spring upgrade with a new set of colorful tableware. You don’t even have to go to the store for this if you have a set of lighter dishes in store or if your grandmother happens to have an antique set. Candy colored glasses and dishes work very well for this. You can arrange them by height and color for a beautiful effect.

Upgrade the patio

If you can afford a full patio renovation, you should go for it. If you don’t want to do that, change a table or chair for a fresher design and your patio will still look rejuvenated. You can play with decorative side tables or bright colored pillows and cushions to give the fresh spring feel.

Change your candles

When we thing of home decorations, we usually focus on what they eyes can see but scent plays an important role too. If you already use a lot of candles around the house, you should introduce fresher scents in the spring. Pumpkin spice and gingerbread scents have their place during the holidays, but come spring, you should consider citrus and floral scented candles instead.

Go for playful throw pillows

Ow here’s an easy upgrade you can start and finish in one short afternoon. Throw pillows, blankets and other sofa decorating ornaments give a theme and attitude to your space. It will make a huge difference if you switch out dark colored pillows for lighter, fresher colors in the spring. Soft pinks and bright yellows or orange always works.

Room painting

If there’s a particular room in your house you want to introduce a bright spring feel to, consider painting it a brighter color. If you’re not a fan on bright neon colors, you can go for lighter shades of green or blue. These colors speak of rebirth and rejuvenation, a great way to usher in the new season.

Add plants

If you had to sacrifice some plants because of the previous crisp weather and lack of sunlight, now is the time to bring them back. The fresh air and added daylight will make for a nurturing environment for fresh plants to thrive and grow. Consider the kind of daylight available in the areas where you want to introduce plants before picking out the right plants. This will make sure those plants survive until the next spring.

Use lightweight fabrics

The  time for cable knit blankets and faux fur throws has given way for lighter fabrics. Linen and cotton will be a welcome replacement. They will help make your rooms feel brighter and bigger. You can make the colors neutral or layer white fabrics with a lighter color like pink to create a pop of color.

Use flowers

Flowers are the most obvious, and one of the easiest ways to bring spring into any room. A few sprigs of hyacinths and eucalyptus or a bunch of tulips and daffodils will do just nicely. You can go down to your local flower shop and make use of what’s available. You can even get free advice from the shop owner on how to make flowers work throughout your house. Whether you arrange them on side tables or as center pieces, you should introduce fresh flowers to one room or every room in your house as you please.

Introduce bright colors where you can

Dark décor was alright in the colder months but spring is the opposite. As the outdoors starts to blossom with splashes of different colors, your interior should mimic the same. You can change out some furniture or decorative pieces for brighter colored options. Take out one of your dining chairs and spray it a bright neon color or change out your doormat to a bright and playful color.

Bold colored cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets a bright bold color will definitely rejuvenate the whole space and bring your kitchen to life. If you have a white kitchen and don’t want to take such a bold step, you can paint just the lower cabinets a bright green or blue and the whole place will still come alive.

Colorful kitchen island

Do you think the bold kitchen color tip is great but don’t want to disturb your kitchen cabinets? You can give your kitchen island a facelift instead and still tone it down with earth colored stools. A bright red will make a bold statement and yellow will do just nicely too.

Bright yellow accessories

Yellow never fails in spring. If you don’t have a clue where to start or what color can spice up your house, go for yellow. Yellow chairs, flowers, throw pillows, baskets and other decorations will always introduce a pop of color wherever added. Since yellow is the color of sunshine, there’s no wonder why.

Repaint bookcases

Repainting your bookcases with an invigorating spring color will add so much life into the room without changing much. All your decorations and ornaments will remain the same but the niche color will change to a brighter spring appropriate color that lights up the room.

Use rattan

Rattan furniture can be used every season of the year but the tropical feel of it is especially perfect for spring. Neutral colored layers and bright hued decorations can be paired with rattan furniture in different rooms to give a fresh look and feel to match spring.

Floral artwork

Flowers are blooming outside, why can’t they be on display on your walls too? Apart from adding fresh flowers around the house, you can introduce more floral decorations in your artwork and hand them around too. If you’re making use of other floral ornaments, make sure to strike a balance so you’re not overdoing it in any area of the house.

Create a lively doorway

Let the feel of spring be in the air right from the door. You can paint the doorframe with a seasonal color like blue, pink or green to bring more light to your entrance. Things will become a little bit fresher but just enough that the difference is noticeable. Hang some floral art or add real flowers around the entryway where you can.

Bring more outdoors in

Nothing will say a brighter, more lively house than bringing outdoor ornaments into the house. This can be an indoor swing or an indoor fruit tree. Such items are instantly transformative and will define spring in your home like never before. The life and warmth introduced by dragging outdoor spring into your home is spectacular.

After months of cold and dull weather, spring is the rejuvenating and renewing season everyone looks forward to. Give in to the urge to spruce up your home and let some more light in this spring season by adopting some of our fresh spring décor ideas. There are enough ideas to suit you if you want a dramatic makeover or if you want to spice things up without making dramatic changes.


Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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