8 Tips for booking group accommodation in Victoria

Are you thinking about planning a multi-day family reunion in Victoria? A trip away with a few other families? Or perhaps planning an upcoming youth camp. If so, you might be finding it hard to find accommodation in Victoria suitable for such a large group. Of course, you could go to a hotel and have everyone in separate rooms and meet up in a public outdoor area. However, such an arrangement is not only cumbersome and inconvenient, but it can also be quite expensive compared to the alternative of hiring accommodation for large groups.

What is group accommodation?

Group accommodation is just as the name suggests accommodation for large groups of people (think 20+). Unlike regular accommodation which caters to individuals, couples or families group accommodation caters for school groups, youth groups, and local community groups. However, renting out such a venue is a viable alternative option for other large groups, such as a couple of families wanting to go on holidays together. Typically the cost per person of such venues is a fraction of the rate at regular accommodation venues.

8 most know tips about group accommodation

But before you start browsing online for some suitable options it’s important to note that the group accommodation market is quite different to the regular accommodation market and there are some key differences and details you want to be aware of to save yourself unexpected hassles later on down the track. Here’s a few things you should clarify and features to look out for before you go ahead and book a venue in Victoria.

1) Check the room arrangements

A good place to start is to check what the room or sleeping arrangements are. There’s quite a variety of different setups out there. Some venues in Victoria will have large dormitory style rooms with 20+ bunks, whilst other venues will have smaller rooms with say 8 bunks per room, others still have smaller sized family rooms with a queen bed accompanied by a few single beds. Depending on what your needs are will determine the most appropriate sleeping/rooming arrangement for you.

2) Shared or exclusive use of venue

The first thing on the list is shared or exclusive use. Many group accommodation venues in VIC, especially the larger venues will rent out premises to multiple groups at the same time. If you’re seeking seclusion and privacy, then it would be a good idea to clarify if you will have to share the premises with another group during your stay.

3) Creature comforts

While there are some venues in VIC that cater to the higher end and corporate conference market many of these venues are purpose-built school camps, so they are quite minimalist in their creature comforts. Things like air conditioning or heating are not a given with these kinds of venues. Therefore, it’s good to find out about things like air conditioning and heating, size of beds, ensuite or amenities block, as well as the general condition of the facilities prior to booking.

4) Catering or self-catering

Another point for consideration is catering. Because these group accommodation venues primarily rent it out too large groups have their own in-house caterers or partnered third party caterers that can provide food for you during your stay. In keep in mind that this is often associated with an additional cost. If you’re on a tight budget, or just prefer to self-cater it’s a good idea to find a venue in Victoria that will allow you to self-cater, as not all venues I will give you this option.

5) On site recreational facilities

If you’re planning trip for families with children, then you’ll need some activities to keep them occupied. Do some research into what activities and recreational facilities the venue has to offer. Some may have outdoor recreational activities like rock climbing, high ropes, archery tag and other things the kids will love. Find out which activities are free and which ones require payment. At the very least the venue should have an oval or some space for the kids to kick a ball around.

6) Nearby places of interest

You may find that the venue does not have many onsite recreational activities that your kids will love. This may not be a deal-breaker however, if there are places of interest or recreational activities do nearby. Do a bit of research into the surrounding area and places to go and areas of interest within the local area.

7) Accessibility

Accessibility. If you’re planning a trip with a few other families involved, you’ll need to discuss amongst yourselves as to where you want to go or how far you want to travel, as most of these group accommodation venues in Victoria are in secluded areas with not much else around. Ideally you can have the best of both worlds in that you can choose a venue which is out in nature with loads of things for the kids to do all the while not being too far from home so you can spend more time enjoying your holiday then travelling to and from your destination. Places like Camp Belgrave, are excellent options.

8) Gathering space

Remember the whole point of hiring large group accommodation compared to hiring individual rooms at a hotel is the shared public space. Some venues will include hall hire as standard in their fee structure. This gives your group a large indoor space to gather to talk, do activities and experience a sense of closeness and togetherness.

Group accommodation, the affordable option

Now that you’ve got a couple of pointers about what to look out for when hiring group accommodation, you’ll be able to quickly and confidently browse through various options available to you and choose the one which best suits your needs. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find an ideal venue in Victoria for your next group getaway. One which is in an inspiring location with loads of fun activities for the kids and adults to do and a place which helps bring everyone closer together and leaves them leaving with lasting memories.

Daniel S
Daniel S
As a family man himself and an avid lover of travel both overseas and exploring this great southern land, Daniel loves getting away with his extended family for holiday. He works at Camp Belgrave provider of large group accommodation in the Dandenongs in Victoria.
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