Things to consider when buying bedsheets

If you think it is just the nice mattress and the cosy blankets that give you the kind of sleep you consider the best, then think again. The kind of bedsheets you use play a vital role when it comes to quality sleep, given that they come into direct contact with our skins when we sleep. For this reason, one needs to be keen when buying bedsheets, and should only buy the best sheets he can get. This article looks at the things that one should consider when purchasing bedsheets.

Material of the bedsheets

There are many reasons why cotton has always been the best material for bedsheets. Think of the durability, breathability, its fabric, and many others. And it is not just these qualities that make cotton the best material for bedsheets. The material can retain heat during cold weather and allow air out during hot seasons. This makes it most suitable for any condition. When buying a bedsheet, it will be nice to feel it using your hand to ensure it is made of cotton, as this is the best material for bedsheets.

The weave

When it comes to the weave of your bedsheet, it will entirely depend on your personal preferences. There are those that will go for percale while others will choose sateen. Honestly speaking, there is little difference between the two, but it is good to choose the one you love the most.

It is essential that you consider the weave of the bedsheets, given that they will determine whether or not you will have a slip-less and slide-less sleep. Sheets like the Jersey sheets are more characterised by slipping and sliding, making them not so good for those who can easily slip and slide in bed.

Do the bedsheets fit your mattress?

Perhaps those who have ever tried fitting a tiny bedsheet to a big mattress will understand this more. Before you set out to buy a bedsheet, you should first know the size of your bed. If your bed is a standard-size bed, then you should choose bedsheets like the twin, queen or king, which are made to fit on almost any size of the bed. Also, features that will help the bedsheet to fit such as elastic edges should be considered.

Patterns of the bedsheets

This is purely based on your preferences. And it is noteworthy to mention that there are various types of patterns from which an individual can choose from. Among the most known patterns are geometric, solid, stripes, floral, and many others.


While most people would expect the cost of the bedsheets to come first, it should actually come last. Why would you buy a cheap bedsheet which will only help to ruin your sleep? Haven’t you ever heard of the saying, “Cheap is expensive?” the cost of losing your sleep due to buying a cheap bedsheet can be too high. Thus you would rather buy an expensive but quality sheet.

But again, buying a bedsheet that is far way out of your budget is not prudent. Instead, try to find a comfortable and quality bedsheet that is within your budget. While a good sleep is essential, getting it at the expense of other pressing matters will not make things any better. Thus before buying, make sure you have looked at the price tag, so that your credit card is not overcharged without your intention for that.

There is more to buying a bedsheet than just visiting the shop and paying for it. And it is not always about the cost of the sheet, but rather its ability to give you value for your money. It will be quite hard to get it right the first time when you go to buy a bedsheet. And repeated wrongs will make the whole thing quite expensive. But with this guide, you can get the right bedsheet for your bed the first time you visit the shop.


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