The ultimate guide to creating visual content for web design and integrating the same with Instagram

The business world is a place full of competition today, and market strategists are constantly looking for new innovative ways to design their marketing campaigns so that they can generate increased revenues and solidify their businesses. The internet provides various platforms for doing just this and gives an opportunity to many small-scale businesses to become household brands. Having a functional business website is one of the significant priorities for every business owner.

Good web designs will help in drawing more customers and random users who can go on to increase sales and business productivity. Today, Instagram is a popular marketing tool, although it is a primary photo sharing app, the simplistic designs of the app can do wonders for business owners. This article will highlight how you can use the visual content of your web design with Instagram integration and generate more business.

Running carousels

In general, users will take only a few seconds to decide whether they want to buy your products or let it pass. It is essential to convince users within this narrow time limit to buy your products from your business website. So, you can try to provide running carousels of pictures showing the top products you have, instead of having long and elaborate descriptions of products. The pictures you use must be of top quality and should look attractive. This will like your business page on Instagram where users will see a running photostream.

Display products from your business page on Instagram and show the number of people who liked and commented on your products. Users tend to take fancier to buying products when they see other people have liked them previously. They will be drawn in to devote more time to your page. In your business website’s design, the photo carousel ought to run horizontally unlike your Instagram page where the photo stream runs vertically.

New business owners

New business owners should try uploading photos of the products which are most popular at the beginning, later on; they can expand into displaying other products as well.  Which products should be displayed can be seen from Instagram, check Instagram insights to find out which products got the most number of “likes” and reviews and comments.

You must include embedded links in the product descriptions under your Instagram posts also which will direct your users to your business website when they feel like buying your product.

Product details

Whenever you upload photos of your wares on Instagram, do include links directing your users to your business website, it will help them if they want to buy your products. Remember, Instagram will help only in the marketing process, your website is where the purchase will be made.

Make sure that the users feel comfortable while navigating your website, the design of the page should be appealing. You can make your landing pages similar to Instagram in its design with popular background colors like black and white. You should display all the product details and the prices here. Similarly, in the running carousel on the home page, you should have to hover links on your pictures which should appear whenever a user points the mouse cursor on those photos. This will increase your website’s simplicity.

Increase your real Instagram followers if you want to expand your business and generate more revenues. When done right, proper promotional efforts can bring the desired results and help you reach your business goals.


Web design is a crucial aspect of your business website which can help decide the success of your business venture altogether. Users do not take a lot of time in deciding if they want to buy a product from a page or whether they should move on to some other website and the reason for this is the simplicity of the website’s design. Users do not like feeling confused; they want all the pertinent details at the tips of their fingers. Make your web design simpler by making it easy to navigate and the design easy and familiar.

Incorporate Instagram like designs on your web page. Use the photo stream of Instagram as a modified running photo carousel. By making your website more visually appealing you will be able to generate more user interest, and they will spend more time looking at your products, and this will increase your chance of making sales also. These little aspects will help expand your business.

Daniel Mattei
Daniel Mattei
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