The decor darling – What is romantic decorating?

Often times, people confuse a romantic style of decorating for a feminine style of decorating. Whilst romantic decorating can indeed incorporate many feminine elements into its design, the true definition of a romantic style is when you decorate in a traditional style that incorporates soft colours, floral patterns, soft textures, and vintage fixtures and fittings.

If you are ready to add a touch of romance to your surroundings, this is the article for you.

In this article we will look into what exactly romantic decorating is and how you can incorporate it into your space.

Appeal to all the senses

A romantic style is one that appeals to all your senses – sight, smell and touch in particular. You can incorporate elements of romance by utilising soft, silken fabrics on your bedding, installing plantation shutters to filter light and give you added privacy, purchasing silk blankets, and installing an automatic air freshener that will ensure your space is kept smelling pleasant at all times.

Little touches like fairy lights or candles also truly appeal to the senses, along with gorgeous floral arrangements or pot plants that truly bring the room together.

Choose the right colours

When people think romance, they automatically think of pinks and reds. Whilst this is true, these don’t have to be the only colours you incorporate into your ambience to bring a touch of romance to your space. Pastel colours are key when it comes to romantic design, and you can incorporate these colours by painting walls, refurbishing old furniture with a new coating of paint, reupholstering your couch to match your colour scheme and so on.

Don’t just stop there – if you are going to adorn your space with flowers, cushions and other accessories, make sure they fit in with your colour scheme. Light blues, light yellows, peach and cream tones are popular choices with people who are looking to add a splash of romance into their home. Keep in mind that one thing you want to avoid are bright and harsh colours.

Glitz and glamour

Another popular option to incorporate into romantic design is a touch of glitz and glamour. Who can resist a dazzling chandelier, a silk tufted headboard or gorgeous european accent pillows on a bed? It just screams “jump into bed now!”.

When opting for glitz and glamour, remember to not go too overboard as there is a fine line between glamorous and tacky.

Stay away from too many sparkly things…incorporate bold and quality pieces that really stand out on their own instead.

Let the romance bloom

Is there anything that screams romance as much as a beautiful bouquet of flower or floral arrangement does? Flowers truly do speak of love, so what better addition to your decor than a glorious arrangement of peonies or roses? T

hink vases that are overflowing with blooms, floral decorated furniture covering, botanical printed wallpaper and any accessories that can add a touch of flower power to your room.

Cosy up by the fireplace

Last but not least, nothing is as romantic as cosying up with a loved one in front of a fireplace with your loved one and a cup of hot cocoa. Opt for a very simple looking fireplace, accented with accessories of your choice.

Whether you opt for an electric or gas fireplace, you can be sure that that touch of warmth is what your room needs to really add a romantic spark to your ambience.

We hope that this article has inspired you to play around with romantic decorating, whether that be in your common area or your private bedroom. With a little bit of imagination, you’ll be amazed at how you can truly transform your space.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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