The creator of Superbloke explains where the character comes from

Superbloke is the new superhero for kids, designed to both entertain and teach young children. He was created by Trip and Lauren Pittman, who produce videos about his adventures for the Superbloke YouTube channel.

Trip explains where he got the inspiration for the character from and the pair’s future plans for Superbloke here.

Trip, what is your career background?

I’ve been a full time YouTuber since 2012, meaning that I’ve made most of my living from my other YT channel.  Before finding my place on YouTube, my wife Lauren and I were photographers and designed a photo editing software for other photographers.  I have a degree in Photojournalism from Loyola University in New Orleans.  As a boy I was always drawing funny comic characters and being a goofball entertaining friends and family.  I spent most of my childhood traveling and we were hardly ever home, which was hard.  I just had to use my imagination a lot and always knew that someday I wanted to be in the limelight.

How did the idea for Superbloke come about?

I like to entertain our toddlers, and one of my characters is a larger-than-life superhero persona.  We thought it would be so fun to put the character in front of the camera.  Our children love it when Superbloke comes to save their day!  Now they will be able to watch him anytime.  Lauren and I really vibe creatively, and love to think up fun plots for Superbloke.  We get our children’s input too, they have awesome ideas.  Of course you can’t see that yet since we are new on the scene, but just wait and see the great things we in the works.  Stay tuned everybody!

What does Superbloke do differently than other children’s entertainment channels?

It seems most channels geared toward kids are animated.  Live action children’s entertainment is not as common as animation.  Now I see why, it is not easy!  There is a lot involved in just doing one video.  Though we don’t have much content yet, we hope our channel will be a destination of happiness for children.  We hope to teach confidence building, good morals like honesty and obeying parents, etc. in a really fun way!

What is your vision for Superbloke?

We have big plans for the channel.  Hopefully our vision comes to fruition someday.  Regardless if it catches on or not, we are having lots of fun filming.  Lauren does the camera work and editing, and I’m the one who puts on the show.  I channel all of my energy into becoming Superbloke.  I can visualize this character becoming a household name, but I know from experience that it can take years, like it did before my other channel became successful.  Being natural entrepreneurs, Lauren and I love the challenge of building something out of virtually nothing.

What is the best part of your job?

I feel like being a superhero, cape and all, is like the big kid in me.  I know it sounds funny, but I was just born to do it.  I thrive in front of the camera, and my wife Lauren and I have the best time together while we are making a video.  And I get to play with toys!  Our studio is filled with toys, and our kids just love to play in there.  It is a happy studio!

Do you have any favourite YouTubers?

I’d like to think If Blippi is Woody, Superbloke is Buzz Lightyear.  I’ve always had an energy about me that I need to put out there into the universe.  YouTube is the ideal platform because it is global, and I want all kids to see Superbloke.  I’m inspired by other contemporary live action entertainers, like the creator and team behind Bounce Patrol, Steve of WOW! English, and of course Blippi.  Of course, Mister Rogers too, who is a classic and has always been a source of my inspiration.  I have lots of respect for all live action entertainers for kids who create quality children’s content, whether in person like a birthday party balloon artist or on a digital platform like YouTube.  I just love to see a child smile, that’s the best thing ever.

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