The better way of using social media for b2b and b2c companies

Just like almost everything in life, business is constantly changing with time. A business has to keep up with the trends in order to keep being successful. Now in this era, there are so many ways to reach customers and target audience.

Most business owners have a website for their business, as well as social media business profiles to keep in touch with their customers or target audience. Social media is a helpful tool for communication with your target audience and your returning customers.

With social media, you can not only answer their questions or give response to their feedbacks or complaints, but you can also promote your brand to a wider audience.

With that in mind, many business owners create strategies in social media marketing to help them reach their target audience. There are social media marketing strategies to be applied for attracting new customers, but not all of them can work on every business. It all depends on the type of the business itself. Are you a business owner? Keep reading because this article will provide you with social media marketing strategies depending on your business.

Before formulating social media marketing strategies, you need to know whether your company is considered as B2B or B2C company. Business-to-business, known as B2B is a process of selling products or services to other businesses, while Business-to-consumer is an activity of selling products or services to consumers directly. Both have different characteristics; therefore, both use different social media marketing strategies.

If you own a B2B company

Managing social media for B2B companies might be a little bit challenging, since the cycle of the sales tends to take a longer process. Though you may get leads, you cannot be certain whether or not they are interested with what you offer. The process itself requires negotiations between several people from two parties involved before you reach a final agreement. Therefore, the main foundation for good B2B social media strategies is to know your target audience. Here are several tips you can do:

  • Start by generating leads through social media. In B2B, lead generation is very important that every lead matters and determines whether you will get real paying customers or not.
  • Know your target audience. When you manage your business’ social media, it is important for you to know your target audience who really need your products or services. You can consider paid Instagram Ad Leads, as it has features that allow you to filter your target audience, so that your content can be shown to those who may need your products or services.
  • Produce content that is relevant to your business. Keeping up with the trends may be a good idea for a business; however, you cannot just share content that does not have anything to do your business. Before sharing a post on social media, your content should “scream” your business more instead of the unrelated trends. Moreover, your content should focus more on professional types of content.
  • Make your voice be the real you. The tough part of having a B2B company is that you may come off as boring if you don’t do something on your social media. Convey messages with your own language that can set you apart from other B2B companies in the same industry.

If you own a B2C company

Unlike B2B companies, if you own a B2C company, you are “speaking” directly to your consumers. Therefore, your focus should be on community engagement and awareness. There are several steps you can do:

  • Write a blog describing your product or service, starting from its strength, functions, and advantages. It doesn’t necessarily have to be all about your products or services, though. You can share true stories or inspirational stories that can motivate your readers and boost their interest in your business. Make sure each of your blog posts is sharable on social media.
  • Share posts that are engaging with your social media followers. Remember that it is possible that some of your followers might be your returning customers, your loyal customers, your target audience, and your potential customers. Therefore, you should be socially active.
  • Try to open relevant conversation that can boost your followers’ mood and interest in your products or services.
  • Educate your followers while entertaining them at the same time. Adding some memes and infographics into your social media posts is also a good idea, but make sure you stay in the topic that describes your company and purposes.

That’s how you manage social media for B2B and B2C companies. B2B company is more like “professional” style, while B2C company is more like “casual” style, so you might want to avoid applying B2C social media approach on B2B. The essential thing to remember is that lead generation is the main focus for B2B companies, while social engagement is the main key for B2C companies.

Therefore, if you own a business, make sure you know what type of business that you have, before creating your business social media marketing strategy.

George Papdan
George Papdan
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