Sydney student becomes first Australian listed on virgin auction website

A controversial website selling virgins off based on an auction system has accepted the first Australian out of their list of approximately 150 clients.

Identified only as “Kiara”, the 20 year old is a student based in Sydney and recently had her application accepted for Cinderella Escorts, a website based in Germany describing itself as an international escort agency that is world-famous. Founder of the website Jan Zakobielski reported Kiara as the very first Australian to do so.

The website, run by Zakobielski from an apartment based in Dortmund, has raised much controversy in the past due to infamously selling off at least five young women’s virginity to high profile bidders over the past couple of years.

The website itself vouches for Kiara’s virginity, stating on the listing that she has been checked by a health professional with medical documentation to prove for it. Currently, Kiara’s virginity is at an auction price of close to AUD$200,000, a number that the site says can change “daily”.

Zakobielski claimed in an email interview that a large number of high-profile Australian individuals have previously expressed their interest in participating in various past auctions.

Among these individuals, Zakobielski claimed there were a couple of politicians and a “famous Australian singer”.

The 27 year old owner went on to report that the website was much more popular overseas than in Australia, and that even celebrities and other billionaires were members of Cinderella Escorts as well.

Kiara’s reasons for wanting to send her application come from a background of financial difficulty and a weak support network, a background that has become increasingly common for young women and which has been oppressing many of these naïve women to make dangerous decisions.

When interviewed, Kiara claimed she sought “security and balance” in her life amongst her other needs, including her desire to “travel the world” and to fund her education. She also cited providing support for her family as another reason.

Yet the 20 year old expressed her clear desire to be independent. Not only does she want to buy her own apartment and “support myself”, but when asked about if her parents had been told of her decision, she stated that asking the question alone would place her as a “child” in her own eyes.

Kiara’s parents have become aware of the situation, and despite not providing support they claimed that it was better than giving it away for free.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
Christian is a morning reporter and technology columnist for Best in Australia. Christian has worked in the media since 2000, in a range of locations. He joined Best in Australia in 2018, and began working in Melbourne in 2019.
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