Surprisingly good Netflix shows and movies you might have overlooked

For a long time now Netflix has been dishing out really good content for both television series and films and with all the hustle and bustle that they’ve been pumping out, some people might miss on certain amazing TV shows and movies that don’t have the same gravitas in terms of popularity like what a Stranger Things or a The Irishman has, so here is a small list of movies and televisions shows that you might have overlooked that we think you should definitely give a shot. We promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

Locke and Key

The show at first, when watching the trailer might feel like a teenybopper young adult show which might probably repel a lot of Netflix subscribers, but if you give the show a chance, you’ll realize that Locke and Key are really good. The story revolves around three siblings who move into an old family home with their mother in Massachusetts after their father is murdered. It doesn’t take long for the small family to realize that the house is riddled with magical keys that distorts reality in a myriad of ways. Unbeknownst to them, the villain lurks in the shadows who will stop at nothing to obtain the magical keys.


The story follows Rosa Steenwijk, a freshman med student in Amsterdam who joins a secret society that hides a vile secret.

Ares has been overshadowed by shows and movies that have a ton of marketing and buzz about them, which makes it a perfect fit for our list. Most of the people who have watched it say it’s good while some have some mixed feelings towards it. One thing is certain though, all of the people who have seen the show say that it’s terrifying, to the point, that some people couldn’t even finish it because it was too dark.

The Invention Of Lying

I love Ricky Gervais. I can go for hours just re-watching all the Golden Globe videos of him roasting everyone without a care in the world. The man is not only fearless (and tactless according to some), but he is also one of the best comedians on the planet and a good actor to boot. The Invention of Lying might be a decade old, but the lessons it teaches about truth and how harsh the world still carries a lot of weight today.

The Stranger

The Harlan Coben-themed mystery drama follows Adam Price played by Richard Armitage, a man with a good family life who’s world is shaken by a stranger who reveals to him a shocking truth about his wife.


Now, Ozark is probably the most popular in this list and with due credit. Jason Bateman is phenomenal as Marty Byrde, a finance expert who gets in deep with the mob and decides to move his family from Chicago to the Ozarks where they do things that you’d never even dream of doing with your loved ones. It’s also the perfect time to binge seasons 1 and 2 because season 3 is on its way this March.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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