Netflix prepping for Diablo and Overwatch animated shows

Netflix’s Castlevania has been very popular with videogame and mainstream fans alike with its spectacular visual aesthetics and compelling storylines it offers that it’s led to the streaming giant to get two other popular videogames their own shows.

Activision Blizzard Studios co-president Nick van Dyk, who was also a former producer in Netflix’s Skylanders Academy confirmed that a Diablo series is currently in the pre-production stage and has revealed that the art animation will be in anime style. van Dyk also disclosed that they have developed and sold an Overwatch animated series.

All of this news is according to van Dyk’s LinkedIn profile which has led to fans being more confident that these two games will, in fact, get an animated series after a long period of speculation. Gamespot has also reported on the news and has tried to contact a representative from Activision but no news has broken out with the current information available publicly.

Activision is also currently developing a Call of Duty film though it has been put on hiatus. A few other films are being planned in lieu of building a Call of Duty universe, akin to Marvel and DC. Stefano Sollima will be the first up to direct a CoD movie and Scott Silver, who wrote Joker is also on-board to co-write the screenplay.

Overwatch is one of the most popular videogames right now with a massive player base and has an active esports league. The game is set over half a century into the future of a fictional version of Earth after an event called the Omnic Crisis happened. The United Nations then hastily created Overwatch, a global task force that serves to combat the omnic threat and attempt to restore peace.

Diablo, on the other hand, has had generations of players from the first game up to the current one where the story centers around a player character going through the world of Sanctuary to thwart the forces of evil attempting to revive Diablo, prime evil and the lord of hatred.

It will be interesting to see how Activision and Netflix go forward with these two titles, one being an overly popular game right now and the other being a classic rife with world-building, mythology, and storylines. Fans have been aching to see a Diablo movie or television show for a very long time and now they are finally getting it, even if it’s an anime-style series.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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