5 smart online sales techniques

The world of commerce is littered with practices and philosophies that are aiming for the same single objective – securing the sale. Making that transition from a cold or semi-interested party into a paid-up customer is the toughest task in the business world and there is a myriad of ways to approach this science.

Some prefer to take the personal approach while others will use any trick in the book to make the consumer believe they have to buy on the spot. The reality is that there is no correct answer, only a string of varying tactics that can be applied for different people in different contexts.

In that spirit, let’s explore 5 of the smartest online sales techniques that will aim to convert your target market to subscribers.

Scoring on first impressions

There are two areas of concern when it comes to a field as specific as email marketing. When sending out a message to a prospective client, the subject line and opening sentence is make or break territory.

The reader has to be enticed to read further, making it paramount that you promote the lead headline straight away. If you are promoting a free software tool that give users more storage space, print that in big bold letters.

The details can be left for the copy. Just ensure your email clientele get that far.

“Time running out”

It is best advised to place some sort of scarcity on the product you are pushing. By including the tagline “limited stock,” “limited offer” or “time running out,” you are attempting to entice the client to opt in before the deal is off the table.

In the majority of cases this is a disingenuous ploy to con the consumer, but it acts as a means of fast tracking your product in the eyes of the buyer.

Trusted testimonials

Sales is essentially another word for “convincing” people, and there is few better modes of achieving that target than offering genuine testimonials.

Whether they are in written, audio or video (preferred) format, having individuals who vouch for your enterprise for quality and consistency is vital to opening doors that would normally stay ajar. They also happen to be a great means of content for promotional purposes during leaner spells.

Become member of popular community

One of our great characteristics (or flaws depending on your prospective) as a human species is the need to be part of a crowd. It feels comforting to know that the activities and lifestyles you are engaging in is mimicked by friends who have similar interests and behaviours.

Veteran marketers will have identified this desire long ago, but it is even more applicable today in the context of social media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will leverage their own popularity to entice more people to tap into their platform and join the community/conversation.

This is not to say that you need a following in the millions or billions to be a success, yet it is worthwhile illustrating customers with a local profile. Those prospective customers who have an affiliation with the current crop can follow their lead and join through affiliation.

Score video cut-through

There is not a medium with a higher success rate online than video marketing. Society’s love affair and addiction to video content translates directly to the field of marketing and it is a tremendous means of cutting through to individuals who are in tune with this form of content.

Tap into YouTube or Vimeo to cater a sales video that showcases your operation’s assets while giving a personal touch.

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