11 Best places to put up a poster to increase brand awareness

At present, digital content rules the marketing world.  The ever-growing advanced technology presents new tools and features to make the virtual marketing world colourful and impressive to a great extent. Yet, posters have retained their place in marketing. Small and medium businesses rely on posters as they prove affordable and cost-effective.

According to a survey conducted by Roy Morgan outdoor advertising still remains popular. While 52% see digital outdoor advertising, 78% see traditional outdoor advertising that includes billboards or posters.

Every business has its own demands and requirements. Choosing the best location for displaying your posters to increase brand awareness for small and medium businesses will help to reach your target audience easily.  Here are the best places for placing your posters to build brand awareness among your potential customers and bring in more sales.

In stores

Posters last for days and help to increase brand awareness. Hang your posters at the front of your store, near the cash counter, and in the sales area. Fix bulletin boards where they are visible prominently. To fix posters on the walls or windows of your stores, use clear tape. In cork boards, use staples or thumbtacks. 

On streets

For posters on wooden poles, use regular staple guns to fix them. Staple hammers will fix firmly on street poles. On metal street poles, packaging tape helps to stay longer. Check the weather forecast before hanging your posters outdoors. During rainy days, display them inside the stores. Sunny days are better days to display them outdoors. Streets in residential areas prove to be a better option for your posters. People returning home would definitely watch and they may consider it in your favour.

In shopping centres

Shopping centres always buzz with shoppers, window-shoppers and other activities.   They will be ideal places to display posters informing potential customers about your brand and its products.  A catchy poster with your brand name will catch the attention of the public who visits the shopping centres and probably prompt them to be your prospective customer. 

Using heavy traffic

With permission from the government, you can display your posters on the roadside where heavy traffic exists throughout the day.  Display posters near traffic signals to catch the attention of people who travel by public transport or vehicles. Your posters must display the name of your brand and its products in bold fonts and fluorescent colours so that they will be distinctly visible even at night. In places of heavy moving traffic, people travelling may happen to see a glimpse of your posters while waiting for the traffic to move.

On notice boards

Take advantage of notice boards where it receives the maximum attention from the general public.  Notice boards in places with the heavy movement of the public will help to spread your message throughout the year. Keep posting with updated posters to share information about the latest development of your brand and its products. Remember to remove the old posters that you have pinned on the notice boards.

Train stations

With permission, train stations prove to be the perfect place to display your posters. Passengers waiting at the train stations will keep reading your posters and probably they may turn into your prospective customers. Posters can be displayed near the ticket counters, waiting rooms, and restrooms where more passengers walk in every day.

Local events

Displaying your posters in the local events will gain more customers for your brand. You can spread the information among the local participants and visitors to the event.  You can display the posters along with the banners that announce and share information about the local events.  Most of the commercial events have bulletin boards where you can display your poster for a longer time.

Restaurants and coffee shops

Local restaurants and coffee shops buzz with more people throughout the day.  Display your poster with a powerful message about your brand so that it will spread through word of mouth without much of your effort. Keep posting updated posters so that it will not remain stagnant with old information. Customised posters never miss the attention of the public.

Bulletin boards

Bulletin boards prove to be the better choice to display posters that share information about your brand. Though the usage of bulletin boards has become minimal, it still has its importance in spreading the message faster.

Common commercial venues

Display posters in stalls, restrooms to draw the attention of the common public.  Posters with frames help to display posters distinctly and stand out from the crowd.  The customised posters encourage more views from the target audience who will probably turn into your prospective customers.

Your office

Make your working environment colourful and cool by fixing posters on walls and window frames. Take care to design posters with your brand colours. Let the text reflect your brand values. Showcasing brand values at the workplace will help to impress customers with your brands. It will brighten up your office.


Posters still remain as great tools to uplift your business increasing awareness of your brand.  A poster with an attractive image, with a simple message in the bold text will catch the immediate attention of your potential customers.

Posters displayed in the best location benefit from getting more business within a short time. It is better to do some research to find out the places where your posters will catch the maximum attention.

Displaying posters at the appropriate places becomes crucial in reaching your target audience.  Once you have made a list of locations where you will display your posters, remember to do a follow-up to know how far it has reached the target audience.  This will help to improve the content or the design of the poster in a better way.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul
Jake is a marketing and communication specialist at Poster Frames Direct. He loves being creative and elevating the process of planning, evolving, and re-imagining marketing campaigns. During his spare time, he still surfs, plays squash, skis, and writes lyrics.
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